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We Need More Rapid Spawns of Rare or more Desirable Creatures in Dangerous Areas

I feel bad that some things spawn rarely and there are things that happen in our every day lives that impact our ability to go hunt, but when you actually can and things keep spawning at very late hours primarily it seems unfair when you live around extremely dangerous areas.

I was just talking about this in another thread. It would be nice if they took some time to just like we have a full map of the world maybe take that technology and have it read the crime statistics in various areas and base on the crime rate in an area the spawn rate of rare spawns goes up in that area in day light when things are somewhat safer. Maybe this could be a specialized Scent Capsule to make things fair to interacts with a high crime area and the Scent Capsule spawns things from any Area or whatever that is a rarity.

It’s just an idea that could be tweaked. I’m just asking the developers to consider our safety. I still remember the stories from Pokemon Go.


I totally understand your sentiment. For people who live in dangerous places, you don’t want to spend time walking around looking for DNA. But at the same time, having rares and epics spawn more frequently in dangerous places would actually encourage other players to travel to those areas for the better spawns, which you don’t want to happen. Just something important to think about. So having something like special scents for people who live in these places, or having scents mimicking each area (which I think is a great idea) could be other ways of getting around this.


Ludia doesn’t have any Budget for that. Plus, inviting people to dangerous areas to look for digital creatures, risking their lives? No. Just because its day doesn’t mean crime rates drop to 0. In fact, this will probably bolster the crime rates since more people=more victims to pray on.


I agree with everyone else. That’s going to encourage more people to come there. Which will increase the crime rate and make it more difficult for you.
Another reason is legal issues. Ludia could easily get sued if someone gets hurt because they were out hunting digital dinosaurs


Well something’s got to give. Maybe the Scent Capsule idea. I mean if someone comes to an area knowingly it’s one thing. If they can’t control where they live that’s another. I just don’t think the people stuck should be punished. See those not in the situation are not having the same issues so to deter this you could lock them from getting the same effects. That way they aren’t tempted by something that won’t work. Maybe this system could read that your phone is registered to an address and it can be verified. Or just do the Scent Capsule idea but only for people in the areas. Maybe by length of time it could be verified. There is a way this can be done.


Exactly. We need to help players in these situations. It’s difficult to single out just these areas or players though, so whatever solution would have to apply to every player. Its just difficult to do that without eliminating hunting altogether.

I think it’s possible. If we have a literal entire map of the entire world in the game… then how hard is it really to just have them look up high crime areas for each area with coding. It can be a one time deal or it can be a live read based on local crime rates day by day or week to week. There are a few ways to embed this in the system.

Hunting will never be discontinued, but I feel unsafe and I would like to legitimately push a tweaked version of this to them so they can actually implement this.

Safety matters and no company wants negative press over it. I’ve been stalked several times at night and I just feel it’s unfair I don’t have the same advantages others have. What would you do @Qaw ?

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Simple. Call the police. If that doesn’t work, just don’t go out at night. No one is pointing a gun at your head saying ‘go out and hunt now’ at night

Ludia could just start selling/ offering a variety of scents in the shop.
Specific Zone Scents
Day Scents
Dawn/Dusk Scents
Night Scents

i can guarantee there will be a market for them.

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You aren’t seeing the inequality in high crime area access versus non high crime area access. Especially for me, a female.

It would be better to cater to consumers who have environmental issues. You are so uncaring.

I think the best thing you can do is report the supply drops in that area. Describe that this area isn’t safe, and maybe ask for them to move them closer to a safer area. This is the best I got

This isn’t good enough. You aren’t getting it. I am missing out on more than that. You can grind supply drops within your range. It’s the spawns you can’t. Event Supplt Drop spawns sure, but even Raid bosses are out. Because I’m literally a target at night. I’m a target.

Then just suck it up. I can tell you out there there are billions of people who don’t care about you. Only your family members or those who are paid to care for you will care about you. I couldn’t explain it more clearly given that I was orphaned for a couple of years during my childhood. That’s how human nature is.

Notice how you always say ‘at night’. Then don’t go out at night. Go out during day because ‘it has less crime rate’ then

No. That’s not what I’m saying. If you want to convey that this is a bad area, use the supply drops in that area. Report them as drops that are in an unsafe area. I live by governemnt property that I cannot go onto, so I report a few supply drops in that area as such, and then the next patch they were moved to be in range. And where the drops go, the spawns follow suit. Use the drops as a tool to get the creatures to move out of a bad area

As a game that uses real world data this is a genre full of things that are unfair.

It’s no different then the many disabled people who can’t get around without aid or physical limitations. And the advice given to those people is to find a game more suitable to them. It is just a game and if your risking your physical safety you either need to adjust your playing habits and understand your gonna be progressing slow or find another game.

Asking Ludia to care about fairness in maps is unrealistic what about areas where wild life attacks are possible when they go out at night? Its to much of a task to decide which places are really safe or not all over the entire world.

Not to mention Ludia doesn’t care about map fairness… it certainly wasn’t fair for Ludia to have a blue event in Canada only but they went ahead and did that as well as the Montreal event or the universal studios event.

Getting spawn points moved via unsafe towers is your most realistic option and it’s only realistic cause those spawn points are controlled by google.

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if you don’t feel safe playing in your area at night, there are a few options available.

  1. As @ElEduardo said, work on changing the supply drops around you by reporting them being in unsafe areas. when supply drops are moved, the wild spawns move as well.
  2. Don’t go out at night. Stay in and use scents at that time.
  3. Go out with protection. Be it a trusted friend or other means.

you aren’t being forced to go out to get dna. We have plenty of means of which to obtain it, with all of them being accessible to everyone. I don’t go out at night because it’s unsafe for me to do so alone.


I have a better idea: let’s not encourage trespassing or any sort of behavior where the player might get injured or worse.

You could always run Giga scents at night, and since the zones rotate you’ll have access to every zone at some point or other. Alternatively, you could go on drives at night with a friend or two while running a scent to dart creatures that way.

I agree with what everyone else has said so far.