We need more reef and cave aquatics

There is a massive gap between the best surface and the best reef and cave. So I think we need to add better reef and cave creatures to the aqautic roster. To show you what I mean, let’s look at the stats for the best reef in the game:

Now let’s look at the best cave:

Now let’s look at the best surface:

Pretty big gap huh? This creates massive problems with my class verity and my battle prestige. But, I have a sulotion: Make megarcholadon a reef. And add a legendary cave hybrid. I think that should fix it.

I agree with you on the lack of tournament hybrids on the reef and cave side for Aquatics. If you factor in the VIP creatures the gap shrinks a little but there is still an imbalance at the top ranked Aquatic creatures.

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Aquatic is the most unbalanced class in the game. If you look at the graph you see that places 1 to 4 in terms of ferocity are occupied by the lvl 40 and lvl 30 versions of Dunkleosaurus and Megarchelon. And then there is a large gap before the VIPs appear. The lineup of anyone who is ever going to evolve a lvl 40 Dunkleosaurus or Megarchelon is surely screwed up.


But I have a lvl 40 megarcholadon and dunkemslelosorus…
Does that mean I’m screwed?

Correction: Everyone except @Too_qik is screwed up.
I think you are a very special player in this forum.

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I’m very suprised how weak your opponents are compared to your strongest creatures.:thinking:

What do you mean by special?

Oh they are? I didn’t know that. I guess the game is nice to me because ive dumped countless $ in the game.

I mean that you have capabilities in your lineup that most of us will never have.

Normally my opponents are stronger than the average of my three strongest creatures. That is why I’m so afraid to bring any of these high end amphibians to a lvl higher than 20 because my lineup will not be deep enough to win 4 or 5 fights in an event.

I just use dino bucks to instantly re-charge my best 3 creatures and use them back to back. I can’t remember the last time I used any creatures other than indoraptor, metrophadon, or pacysepagoracs.

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I would agree I thought the opponents would have been much more difficult based on the line up of creatures in his roster. His opponents look about the same as what I got in the event.

Hmm something to ponder on.

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Do you get noticeably harder creatures for events like “on the tides” or “monsters of the deep”?

It is possible the unlock event is not centered solely on Ferocity.

No, my opponent is usually about the same power level as me.

Noticeably harder than what you are showing up above is what I meant since the creatures in the event you are showing are actually a decent amount under your top three from a ferocity perspective.

Depending on how prestige in the game is calculated it might be because of the weaker creatures in my roster.