We Need More Teeth, We Need Rexy

Well, there you go, she’s here


This is not a win. We did not ask her to be OP to justify making her an exclusive. She needs to be a non exclusive. Then she probably needs a balancing. But locking her behind a paywall during a double anniversary is insulting in many ways

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Well, there you go, she’s here. Just pull out your wallet.


She’s arrived, she just needs to borrow your wallet


I just wanna say, I told you so :rofl:

Thats 2.16 not 2.17

2.16 is not the Dominion update

well that didn’t age well…


wholeheartedly agree that she should be wild and dartable, it’d really help bring back the ‘alive’ part of JWA

as for her strength, yes she’s strong but not OP by any means, 1v1 Rexy’s an absolute brute but she’s easily set up on and has plenty of counters in both tourney and arena formats


Day 144 of asking for Rexy to be added to the game :t_rex:

17 days until we see Rexy again on the big screen :movie_camera:

Only 17 days until Jurassic World Dominion releases :earth_americas:


She’s already in the game, you need a wallet though. Would’ve been nice if you can atleast finally put her in sanctuaries along with Lux

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17 days until movie madness!

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Well, I guess it’s official: Rexy is making her royal entrance into Jurassic World Alive. Wow, what a journey it’s been. A bit over four years since beta when I first asked for Rexy to be added and seeing the render for the first time is like a dream come true.

A part of me wants to think that this thread played some role in getting Rexy into the game, but maybe her addition was already slated for JWA’s Fourth Anniversary / Jurassic World Dominion’s release this summer. Regardless, I want to thank you all for the love and support you’ve given to this thread (today marks Day 145!). So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Colin_Goodman MattCrad01 Snake_Dude Average_Spinosaurid Albertoplays111 Ozora_Nadhif SomeDudeOnTheForums Isaah_Wii WhiteWolf1211 DragonWarrior TheAngrySuchomimus Jojopc10 Stiffeno Indoraptor08 Kushagra_Gaming Arbiter DINO_KING_999 Altithorax_Perotorum GhastBusters Colin Zanellato_29 Justen_Toivonen officer_raptor Jacelin_the_apato anon70882017 Dimodactylus GermanRaptor Deepseagoblin koola888 Sixty-Four Sir_Swap_A_lot GhidorahRod56 SmilodonTroodon Jumpjoob Procoptodon Idelephoenix AxelJurasic MegaGamer99 M-Rex_Productions DinoIsaac360 Raven Procerathomonomimus CarChar08 AndreMR Anaclagon Roaring_Raptor Rexy_The_Trex ProWithNonMetaDinos EpicToad Jurassic_Fury Bigbeaverfan Lukey Allo Eowyn VermilionDrake Tinytroodon21 Walnut Raider1 QuetzorionUnique RaptorJay06 MrMemeZilla_198 Chung1580 Saurophaganax18 UFO BoastingNToasting Tyko_8 Dino_Guy. You guys did it, you crazy JP reference, you did it.

So, I suppose this also marks the end of the countdown (don’t worry, I’ll keep the thread open for Dominion). But, in the spirit of the post, here it is one last time:

Rexy is officially added to the game on Day 145 :t_rex:

16 days until we see Rexy again on the big screen :movie_camera:

Only 16 days until Jurassic World Dominion releases :earth_americas:



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they obviously changed it at the last minute

and only 17 more days until rexy gets killed off by the giganotosaurus near the end of Jurassic World Dominion

Based, tbf it needs a Nerf asap

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we won but at what cost

What makes ya think she’ll get killed off by Giga? That was only in the prologue and Rexy has much more battle experience nowadays

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Congrats everyone! Now that Rexy is officially here just gotta wait till her next event which will hopefully be dominion release week since I doubt I’ll be able to unlock her with 2 attempts :sweat_smile:
or even better have her switched to a wild spawn
and since it’s confirmed you can speak or see the future, might I ask for a megalania in game lol