We Need More Teeth, We Need Rexy

Not even close. It has somewhat, but not even that much.

Also great to have you back!


welcome back to the chaos @Average_Spinosaurid, great to have you back!

as for the second part, all I can say is the forum has become a darker place in your absence

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he gets walled by all the cunning flocks and without an on escape, most things can bring him down to swap in range, esp with woolly rhino dealing 1.5k or any of creatures with swap in savagery

Day 15 of asking for Buck and Doe to be added to the game (in a balanced way) :t_rex: :t_rex:

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Except there are no savagery users in the Epic meta, just DC, DCpro, Thylanyx and Draco G2.

Throwing Whino in would be a mistake if its not under 1500 Hp, because then its getting destroyed.

So if anything flocks are the best option right there.

Btw, i would not give Doe rend res, it just makes matchups against other fierces like ML or Andrew kinda unfair, and we got enough rend resistant dinos rn.

Otherwise great concepts.

Bringing something in swap range doesn’t mean it counters it. A true counter can defeat the creature on its own.
And besides, 90% of flocks are broken so it’s no surprise it looses to them.