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We need more top tier amphibians and herbivores. Post your suggestions here

Ostaposuchus=Ostaposaurus+koolasuchus S-DNA
Health: 13250
Attack: 4258
S-DNA cost: 3900 to fuse, 1950 to buy
Type: amphibian
Rarity: legendary s-hybrid

Ornithosuchus=Kaprosuchus Gen 2+Ornithocherius
Health: 13750
Attack: 3390
DNA cost: 79,900
Type: amphibian
Rarity: tournament hybrid

Health: 6570
Attack: 2568
DNA cost: 34,700
Type: herbivore
Rarity: legendary hybrid

Health: 15348
Attack: 2360
DNA cost: 76,450
Type: herbivore
Rarity: tournament hybrid



Acanthostega + gryposuchus

Health: 5,985
Attack: 5,320

Would sit higher than metriaphodon in ferocity but just lower than yudon, for that much needed glass cannon amphibian.


I love the idea of Shunognathus, but, at least for me, Amargopelta should have less attack.
You could make Ostaposuchus and Ornjthosuchus stronger. Especially Ornithosuchus you should enlow dna cost and you should improve his ferocity.

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Ornithosuchus cheaper and better Ostaposuchus stronger and I dont think Amargopelta needs less attack. It is still worse than pachygalosaurus

Health: 10940
Attack: 3890
DNA cost: 75,500
Type: herbivore
Rarity: tournament hybrid

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5555 atk

Type amphibian

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:droplet:Diplocaulus gen2,sarco gen2,platyhystrix,gerrothorax and peltrobatrachus.
:herb: anchiceratops, girafatitan, saichania,kumbbarasaurus and machairoceratops or regaliceratops.

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A tourney+VIP? Needs better atk and health jmo

look at the comment again

Edmontoguanodon = edmontosaurus level 40 + iguanodon level 40
5890 health
4120 attack

Dracoceratops = dracorex level 40 + triceratops gen 2 level 40
6430 health
3960 attack

Parasaurosuchus = parasaurolphus gen 2 level 40 + kaprosuchus gen 2 level 40
8750 health
3890 attack

Achantogyrhinus = achantostega level 40 + Proterogyrhinus level 40
5400 health
4270 attack

Einiops = einiosaurus level 40 +Eryops level 40
9540 health
2100 attack

Koolastega = koolasaurus level 40 + ichtyovenator s dna
10130 health
4860 attack

Edit : Parasaurosuchus is supposed to be a amphibian


Great ideas but they’re kind of weak for 2 tournament creatures in 1 hybrid

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Well yes. I just wanted a amphibian with similar stats to armomata and pteraquetzal

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Kaprosaurus=kaprosuchus gen 2+spinosaurus gen 2
Health: 11789
Attack: 3790
DNA cost: 73,700
Type: amphibian
Rarity: tournament hybrid

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Koolacherius=koolasaurus+deinocherius S-DNA
Health: 9140
Attack: 4290
S-DNA cost: 3600 to fuse, 1800 to buy
Type: Amphibian
Rarity: tournament hybrid

Brachiopelta = Brachiosaurus + Antarctopelta
Class: Herbivore
Rarity: Tournament Hybrid
Cost: 75,000 DNA
Lvl 40 stats:

  • Health: 17730
  • Attack: 3160
    I wanted it to be a kind of herbivore version of Pachygalosaurus, with less health and more attack.

Fun fact: Deinosaurus = Dinosaur

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Kaprodus = Kaprosuchus Gen 2 + Suchodus
Class: Amphibian
Rarity: Tournament Hybrid
Cost: 60,000 DNA
Lvl 40 stats:

  • Health: 9310
  • Attack: 4420

Since both of its components are better than Ceratosaurus and Therizinosaurus, I wanted it to have better stats than Cerazinosaurus. I also took in consideration Gorgosuchus and Segnosuchus health, so it would have more health than Gorgo and would not One-Hit Segno.


Amargostega= Amargasaurus + Achantostega

Why do ya all want Suchodus and Acanthostega soo bad?

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I been hearing that ostaposaurus super hybrid request a lot lately…

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