We need more tournament varieties

I am a big fan of tournaments. Skill can allow low-level players to gain rewards that can help boost their progress while advantage tournaments favor those who put in effort leveling up creatures that many would cock their head at, like a level 26 sinoceratops. However, that’s it. We only have 2 categories of tournaments. With everyone in quarantine, I think there needs to be more tournaments added to keep us interested. Here are three ideas:

Boost tournaments: This is one similar to a post I made a while ago, but this is a skill tournament where everyone has a set amount of attack, speed, and hp boosts and have to apply it to a team and distribute the boosts accordingly.

Move requirement tournament: This is a new idea of mine. You can have skill tournaments that only allow creatures with a specific attribute. For example, a tournament that requires a creature to have a swap-in move, another for creatures with a counter attack, another for bleeders, and another for creatures with ferocious moves.

Stat tournament: This can be another weird skill tournament that could be fun. This tournament only allows creatures with a stat greater or less than the given requirement , like a tournament where a creature needs over 1600 attack (at base level) or a creature with less than 3000 hp.

If anyone has any other ideas, be free to share them

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Another idea that just came to me was tournaments that are like advantage tournaments, but without boosts. So if you have a level 30 sarcorixis at 130 speed, it will be level 30, but it won’t have any boosts applied to it


A extinction tournament
Bring 20+ creatures at level 26. If the creature dies, you can’t use it anymore

Exclusive tournament
Bring a specific type of creature, like a hardosaur. You must bring 4 of that type or you can’t participate

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That’s an Idea that I like. Feathered tournament only allows creatures like gamma, pyro, and phorasaura

Bad tournament.
We bring your best creatures and restrict you from using them for the rest of the game. You can use them for 1 battle for 1000 cash. This is just straight up robbery and has nothing to do with tournaments

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Ahahhaha love it

What do you mean??

If you use them, you can never use them again. Or it restricts a certian creature

We are robbing you of your creatures. All your hard earned cash used to boost it into perfection is gone.

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This gives me an idea
Equal Ground Tournament
It restricts you from certian creatures or moves. Like a no Immune Tournament

Which tournament are you talking about? The boosted tournament?

It’s a joke

Random skill tournament
We choose 4 creatures that you have to use

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Ok, that’s something I’m not ok with. Don’t want to draw dimorphodon and anky gen 2 while the other guy gets moth and spyx

Oh intresting

All open tournament
All creatures are available. All at level 26. Boosts are allowed for people who have it.



Love it Earl

I mean, that’s just an advantage tournament.

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But all creatures are available, if tou don’t have indoraptor, you can use it. If someone else has it without the tournament, it can be boosted