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We need more tuojiangosaurus


I’m so far from lvl 20 its ridiculous


Keep trying, never give up, and you will get there eventually mate!
I know how you feel though. I have no legendarys and I cannot level any of my dinos as I just can’t fond them. It IS annoying and I think Ludia will probably fix a few things about the game, but DONT quit over one Dino, fusions, nerfs or buffs.


Get into an alliance if possible n help one another out. I managed to pull mine up to lvl20 thanks to my alliance. Give it a try!


I have like 8k unusued, being in L3 is quite easy to come by


I’m donating it daily and still close to 7k unused.


I’ve been considering to level up my rajaky for a long time, since I know that I will never have access to enough wild tuoji. My entire alliance don’t have access to it either. So far I gave up on both tuoji uniques.


I got tuoramoloch yesterday. I found it harder to get the para dna because I live in zone 3. Just use rare scents in zone 3 and they spawn a lot


Yes… i need it too…
To Level up… until Level 20 to fuse


Same for me. Living in L3 has no difficulty in finding Tuojiang, but hard to find Para, though I have unlocked my Tuoramoloch a couple of weeks ago. Now, I feel difficult to level it up.


Yeah especially when paramoloch refuses to give me more than tens haha


Everyday in L3.


So now whenever I pass by L4, I use a large scent and hope some Para show up.


It’s actually coming.