We need Moree coins!


Now, i started to come to the point where i don’t have any money to level up my dinos…, At least do a little boost in the drops, double the coins u can get, from 50 to 100 or so, and maybe a bit more from the Incubators, the coins u get from them are like 0… Plz ludia, small boost on coins

Coint issue

see? No coins for level up…


I currently have 4514 coins, literally 28 dinosaurs waiting to be leveled up, many of them with enough DNA to actually get 3 or 4 more levels, not just one. 2 of those dinosaurs are actually members of my combat team. I need 15000 coins just to level up my einiasuchus. This is getting really unbearable. I understand they want us to spend real money on coins, but if they don’t provide a viable-ish solution for F2P players (lots of grinding but at least a decent amount of coins), we will just get frustrated and leave, instead of keep playing and eventually feel tempted enough to spend real money.


There’s only one reason why they limit the free coins we can get each day: money.


Of course but my point stands. There are some players who are quick to spend money, and those are the ones Ludia benefits of most. But there are many more players that won’t spend money easily, like myself, but if they really enjoy the game might eventually spend a bit. That second type of player right now has more chances of quitting the game because of how frustrating it is, whereas if we had more opportunities to play for free, we’d remain playing for months and now and then maybe make a small purchase.

As it is right now, the game is crazy expensive and the F2P is not viable after a certain level, which is going to kill it soon if they don’t change it.


My problem is different but similar. I hit a daily coin limit while activating an 8 hour epic invubator… and i’m afraid to open it and just lose 2k coins because i’ve reached my daily limit. So it sits there, and i’m afraid if i open two incubators tomorrow i’ll hit my coin limit…
which makes me think i’m already seeing the point i’ll stop playing.


They should make coin amounts from supply drop scale with level like they make the cost of incubators scale…

Don’t buy from ludia, they’re scammers


I have 38K in coins, but my biggest problem has to do with incubators & options u get when it’s near the end of timer, I have $2600 cash, but for some reason when i try to speed up the progress, it tells me “not enough cash” really!!.. I have had the funds since day 1, but the game won’t let me use it on any of the incubators, not even when timer is at 1min, lol. Wondering if it’s a “glitch” on Ludia end.


This is why you spend cash the game gives you on coins in store. Still not enough but gives you a 10-20% boost.


I have no problem with this being such PayToWin oriented game, but at the very least give us the ability to level up our dinos.

I currently have 25k gold and 26 dinos to upgrade and I bought one time offer once so without it i probably wouln’t have any. Most of them are pretty useless in battles but it is still anoying not being able to level them up. I probably could upgrade most of low lvl ones, but then I wouldn’t have the coins for upgrading my Arena Dinos.

Why is upgrading so expensive? 6k from 13 to 14, come on. And I don’t think that it is possible to gather that much in one day cause of limits. It is not like leveling my Stego from 13 to 14 will hurt those PayToWin players in any way.

Why isn’t anyone talking about this? This completely takes all the fun out of it. Why collect DNA when you cannot upgrade Dinos?