We Need New Arenas

Seriously. We do. And I mean more higher trophy count arenas. Ones that go above Shores in terms of trophies.

That’s because, thanks to the monthly seasonal reset, everyone gets thrown down to the beginning of an arena, and there’s a mad scramble to get back to the top.

The issue here is that a lot of people get thrown down into lower and lower arenas, with their teams getting better and better as time goes on. This has caused a lot of congestion in arenas like the Aviary and Library.

There’s about three arenas after that, with the highest four arenas being the Aviary, Lockwood Library, Gyroshere Depot and Nublar Shores. All 4 of these arenas see max-level creatures, and from Library and Depot up you see max boosts as well.

See what I’m getting at? So many players are at the same level or higher that basically the top 4 arenas have been congested. Ergo, we need at least two (maybe even three) new arenas at the top of the progression to alleviate some of the congestion and allow the playerbase to be properly sorted again.

Source: I’ve been flopping around in the Aviary for about two years and my friend has been flipping between Library and Depot for the past year and a half.


The single best thing they could do for the game. Relieve the constipation.


I dunno about “single best,” but this would definitely be an enormous leap in the right direction.

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mabye camp cretac as a new arena?

I think they should do the Biosyn base from Domion and the Visitor Center from JP at 6500 and 7000 trophies respectively