We need new dinosaurs

We need to come up with new dinosaurs and there hybrid and attacks and stuff. Be creative just don’t make it super powerful.

I thought of one. Velociraptor gen 2. Its an epic and It has absorb like dodos or compys. It has a legendary hybrid with therezenosaurus. I call the hybrid 2 names therezenoraptor or velocizenosaurus. Velociraptor gen 2 has 3
(the damage and health obviously changes when evolved)
attacks which first attack is a resilient strike around 700 Damage. The second is an invasive rampage around 1350 damage . And the third one is an attack that gives you dodge for 2 turns stuns the enemy and heals you up to 500 health. It’s max health is a little bit over 1500.
(At first level) each absorb is a little over 500.
And the hybrids health is over 2000 and the attacks are mashed up.

Show me your ideas

No more gen 2 or 3’s please I want more originality


Ok just show me your idea for a dinosaur

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Awesome but how did you do those stats like that and stuff

I use this website JWA Toolbox | Paleo.GG


You lost me at velo gen 2


Especially since we have velociraptor

And blue
Which are just velo gen 2 by themselves


download (85)


Me wondering how this still has not been added


It says post can’t be empty

And this is not super powerful?

the true taco approaches…


An epic at its starting level would not have 3900 health but still cool

Idea. Toro from camp cretaceous we have rexy and blue and other named Dino’s. It’s an epic Instead of a shield taunt it has and instint invincible taunt. And instead of a cleansing impact it has a cunning impact and the vulnerability strike is a new attack called head but impact. But it still has the rending counter attack. All of the damage will be about 25 to 40 percent of the normal carnotorus damage (at first level)

Hybrids I can not think of but this will do

We don’t really need new dinos……
What we really need is a complete remake like they did in 2.0. All introducing new dinos is gonna do is increase powercreep. We need quality, not quantity.


New dinosaurs is the last thing we need
First we need bug fixing, creature rebalancing, and adding new features like 100% refundable boosts with no limits, new kinds of darts and drones, and new arenas above Nublar Shores


New darts would be cool like one that slows down the Dino when catching them

Especially legendary s they would be more easy to get dna

Bro a compy has a heal and a doge why not just add a stun swap an attack and make it high pounce and make compys bigger and look like raptors and boom velociraptor gen 2