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We need new good/relevant dinosaurs


And A LOT of them. If they are aquatic so be it, but I think we need a bunch of them. 5 to 10 uniques, legendaries to match.

Make these dinos good. Make people have to choose which direction to go, a la tuoramoloch or diorajasaur.

Give secodontosaurus and concavenator 3 uniques each. Make them all strong/relevant. Make us choose which direction to go. (Most have a lot of these so it won’t take to long to get the dino you choose to team level)

We need diversification in lineups. And I think if there were more dinos and people had to decide which of the two or three or four hybrids to create, we would have many different rosters and a lot more fun.



I definitely agree. I fully agree that we need more hybrids and real creatures. The pterosaurs and sauropods need relevance. There ate a lot of creatures that would make powerful hybrids, but it’s difficult to implement all of what you’re asking in one update. It takes time. We got two uniques and two legendaries in 1.6. They’ll likely add a few more in 1.7. If you look back a few updates, we certainly have a lot more dinos now than then. Eventually, there will be hybrids for every dinosaur in the game. We just have to wait.

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I don’t know if we need more dinosaurs, we need more RELEVANT ones…


We don’t need more bench warmers. We need more great hybrids that can compete with existing ones.


Maybe I should have used the word good/great in the title. Fixed, lol.

That’s what I was saying in my post. Good/relevant, lots of them and make people make choices which one to go for.

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More hybrids for 1 dino wont change the line ups.
Look back to 1.3 or 1.4. nodopatotitan had 3 legendarys, but everyone went stegod.

We need more really strong once. Like @Somedinoguy said.
Also buffs for our underwhelming uniques.

I would love to see unique tanks aswell… (not you tryko…)
Give us unique longnecks, stegos, triceratops and raptors.

Meta looks like this —> you gotta go fast (indo dilo erli magna) or you hit like mike tyson ( tento thor tryko) or you do both … Dracocera “hust”…

I hope we get some crazy new uniques and buffs to old once.

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I believe it could if the other hybrids were as strong.

Stegod was better plus everyone had a big headstart on it.

If, for example, concavenator had 3 great hybrids at the same time. We’d have to choose which way to go.

Those of us that didn’t level up dracoceratops could make the concavenator/swap in damage dino. While those who did could make the concavenator/cloaking dino. Others could choose the concavenator/sauropod. Hypothetically


As with any numbers based game the “smarty” math nerds will always breakdown the numbers and come-up with the best 8-10 Dino’s for a endgame team. It’s just the nature of the game. No matter how many Dino’s you add people will still figure out the best ones and the upperlevel players will still have basically the same team.

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What I want to see is about 6 uniques with a power about tenon. A Dino that is good but not broken, that you can include but not an auto in like Thor. And not a fail like grypo. Dinos that allow to try different teams. Dinos that have uses but not against all the meta.

And most important just make them based on different dinosaurs. I don’t want 3 uniques based out maiasaur for next update like we had for Darwin…
We have Seco, conca, brachio, spino, pteranodon, diplodocus… Waiting for an unique with cool design.

And please make a sauropod :sauropod:. This game need an unique sauropod and an unique tank. Perfect time to make both.


Quakeur, you don’t like idea of players needing to make a choice which unique to level up?

Hypothetically if 2 uniques were equally strong but in different ways players would have to choose. I suppose it’s like Thor and Utarinex.

I’m on board for just more strong dinos. But I think I also the idea of choice.


Choice in a good idea, but with scents the whales will just buy all the scents they need to level up all the dinos - no choice needing to be made. I remember the post where one decided erlidom was worth it, so in 3 days after all the scents money could buy, BAM! - L30 erlidom.


That’s true Rantz, but if there were say 16 great uniques. Every player would have to choose which 8 to play. Sure they could level both new uniques to 30 but they’d have to choose to remove erlidom or dare I say dracoceratops from their team.


I’m sort of in that boat now, honestly…


The problem with that is we have to many dinos without hybrids to give yet another dino multiple hybrids… adding three hybrids to concavenator right now doesnt fix the issue of so many useless dinos.

Id rather they make possibly 6 different dinos components then using one for three new hybrids.

And in the long run choice is not much of a choice… i could possibly make 3 concavenator hybrids right now… just like i currently run 3 sino hybrids on my team. Plus the balance to locals gets screwed up l1 for the first time since i started playing isnt hands down the best local. Give concavenator 3 hybrids will just make l1 that much better, or they will end up moving him to parks.

The last thing i want in 1.7 is to give one more dino multiple hybrids while to many dinos do not… choice can be added by making more dinos good no need to give multiple hybrids to one.


You’re right about the local balance, eviction. That would need to be considered.

I personally still like the idea of choice though.


Great topic, was going to write this any day.

It’s boring nowdays to fight same dinos game after game.

We only play with 10% of all available dinos.
Everyone level up same stuff, and everyone prepare same end-game.



Call it a nerf to some, call it a buff to others. Take all the uniques and make them all competitive. I’m sure that would at least spice the game up a bit.

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Honestly i feel like ludia likes to control the meta a bit to much… people still using monomimus? Well lets nerf it again…

I honestly think this whole event rework is them concentrating our ability to gather dna outside of scents… event dinos now seem to share the same theme as strike dinos… daily dna is the same for 3-5 weeks depending on quickly they want to change it. Alliance missions possibly patch to patch?

I feel like im being micromanaged to level what Ludia wants me to level… variety seems to be a concept they dont understand


Agree with this ^^



Exactly. First they steered us from the raptor meta to the tank meta by introducing SS; then to the bleed meta, etc. And while I enjoy new moves/additions, they do this mainly by subtraction. Instead of balancing the new with the old, they nerf the old so you HAVE to pay to level the new.