We need new player levels

OK guys I think Ludia should give us more player levels, like maybe level 21 to 30 i mean coz being in the same arena with End-Gamers is really not funny

If creatures have a max level of 30 it only makes sense that we add player levels to level 30 and create more Arenas.

At least to breath some life in the Shores heck even in the Library

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I think you’re ignoring all the complications this will bring with the entire balance system of the game, the amounts that people will have saved up, raid bosses, etc… the whole game has to be recalculated. No thank you.

At one point I would have agreed that new player levels were a necessity but now I’d be more inclined to say we need several new Arena levels and an increase in dinosaur levels.

I don’t see it. I mean is should just be a matter of telling people that listen with whatever resources you have now you need to work towards new levels.
There are people who have been in the shores for as long as I’ve played this game, how can i compete with them? Let them fight each other towards higher levels

And that is why we need to expand the Arena levels so that the higher level players can get spaced out a bit more. Even lower levels are suffering because there are too many higher level players being forced down to Arenas where they shouldn’t be.


Yah I definitely agree with more Arenas but i think it should also be coupled with extra player levels as an extra filter and motivation.

Agreed, but the question is how many do you think ,3 as a minimum or 6 as a requirement to give adequate spacing, also how would we reset trophy counts to allow it to happen

I would say six just to give adequate breathing room. You wouldn’t need to reset anything. As players win they will move up and players will space out to fill the void. This will free up the lower Arenas which are slowly filling up with players higher in team ability than should be there.

OK, so they up the level. Everyone who has been 20 forever will just level up their dinos, get enough xp to go to the max in 10 minutes, and then we are in the exact same situation.
There is not a single point to increasing the max level. It should have there since the start, or never, because the game isn’t designed to support anything over 20.
If you can level to 25, your dinos can be lvl35. Meaning by the current pricing system a level up from 30 to 35 will cost something like 300k + 350k + 400k + 500k + 750k. Total 2.3m for a single dino to reach max level. 8 dinos = 18.4 million coins. And an INSANE amount of DNA required to get there. And don’t forget that currently you can’t even hold enough common DNA to level that high. And what about Apex dinos? It will take years to get to that level, it makes absolutely no sense.
Some people have that already, they will be the new kings, until the rest catches up, or gives up.

Do i need to list more reasons to not do this or is this enough reason to skip it? Because trust me, there’s a lot more that would be completely messed up by just increasing the level cap. Like campaigns, tournaments, donations, the amounts of DNA you can dart (only 5 more per dart, not enough to catch up with the increased DNA requirements for max level).

I’m right with you on levelling players beyond level 20 it’s pointless, however extra arenas I believe is a must & agree with @Colin_Goodman about 6 is a suitable amount to “spread” out , the question is where would you place them.


I’d place them at the top end so that the higher level players expand up and away from the lower level players.

OK i see your point on Levels,
I guess we can just use the arenas but to stratify the top layers then.
Coz I mean just look at the rewards that the top cream are getting in tournaments on boost etc, their dinos will be boosted to heaven and back. Its just not sensible to have them on the same arena as non End_Gamers.

I honesty don’t care how they do it (Arena or other)
but they need to add some more layers up the top of Mt Everest so that we can all have space to climb.
As it is right now even the Aviary is stuffed with fallen End_Gamers :confused:

Ok so from after “the house” & amalgamate the aviary & the library among the 6 “ new arenas” or after the library or doesn’t it really matter. I’m thinking that shaking up the placement would give a element of change rather than a continuation, a bit like redecorating, still the same room just looks different

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So last season the highest ranker had something like 10’000 or so trophies, if we stake up 6 more arenas up top then those guys will climb up but only a few of them per room.
Since matchmaking is determined by trophies anyways then they will whip each other out and only few will drop a bit.
The rest of us will fill in the other rooms left and climb as we go (which will take some time) giving a breath of fresh air to the game.

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Ok , trophy gaps stay the same 500 per arena or if you gunna shake the game so to speak , change the amount to say 1000 per arena , because let’s face it by adding 6 arenas , gives chance to adjust these parameters to be a little more suited , arguably if the highest player had 10000 trophies & we had 20 arenas that would be a good spread of players ,

Yah I think the trophy gaps are still fine at 500 as long as we have enough arenas.
We could maybe even have say the final top leves have a wider gap like 1000 just to make it a bit harder to climb to the peak and filter out the top dogs

Yeah that’s not a bad shout in all honesty, making the trophy gap greater as you climb sounds good, now we just want ludia to implement it … or not .

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you know what we really need is new achievments that are given to you at the beginning of every new level

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I would hope that with new arenas , rewards would be available at increasing rates , even if the incubators were randomly recycled, rather than set with certain dna,to further discourage players from dropping for specific dna cache, coins would increase by smaller amounts with there being more arenas would be my take on it .

I think they base matchmaking on your trophy count more than your level, so it wouldn’t really help with that. However, I’ve been at level 20 for a long time and I’m still unlocking and fusing new stuff, so they could definitely add some more levels so that this experience is worth something.