We need option to turn off vibrate

I was in a taxi this afternoon, on my way to my parents place.

When in cars, I do not try darting. It is too difficult. I only open up the supply drops. So that’s what I was doing.

But every few seconds, my phone will vibrate when a new dino appears next to me.

Please give us an option to turn off the vibration. I just wanna open supply drops without the need to be alerted for new dinos appearing. Anyway , I can already see them. So I don’t need the vibration.

Appreciate if you could look into this for future update. Thank you Ludia. @E.D, @Sara, @Ludia_Developers


It would be nice if we could turn this off.

There is a vibrate function? I never had this occur to me.

If your phone has a batter saver option, try turning it on. When I do, it stops the vibrations.

OK. Will try that. Thanks.

But I still think Ludia needs to give us an option to turn off vibration.

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Turning on Do Not Disturb stops the vibrations on my Galaxy

Turning on dnd is not working on my Honor V10… So please @ned pass this on to the developers, should be rather easy to program this mode to be turned on and of… They did manage to do it with blood which nobody needed anyway

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