We need player clubs or alliances in this game!

Something that I’ve always wanted in JWTG is player alliances or clubs of some kind! I just wanted to ask if anyone else agrees with me? But I also think Lidia needs to add player clubs ASAP

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I’m not sure about that. Alliances mean competition and this could change the cooperative and friendly environment of the players of this game and the people in this forum in a negative way.

Actually, I play other games that do have clubs and alliances. And I post on the forums of those games. People on those forums are still friendly and good to each other.

It would be great with others functions, that would be bring, like card trade. Which means higher players could give cards, which no need, to lower or starting players, or just trade them, for which they need. And All players would helped to others.

that will never happen due to the way Ludia needs to make some money as well. The trading without any restrictions will undermine the urge to spend money on this game.

I dont think so, if that trades will limited for standart cards (no Tournament types and VIP) For these standart cards I never gave any money, if someone yes, then it is their choice, but pay for standart cards, does not any sens in game, becouse by time, you unlock them all.