We need Rexy!

A big chomper that can threaten the resilient meta but goes down to bleeders or distracting creatures. It would do so much to help rebalance PvP.


Ferocious, a rampage and speed resist hahahaha no


I think 1800 damage and a ferocious strike would do the trick. Maybe have 2000 damage and ferocious doesn’t do any damage


Here’s an updated version based on your feedback.

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Still op, it has a extreme damage output plus it can even remove Dodge and cloak.

Yeah being able to hit through evasion and cloak as well as break shields is too much for something with that high attack power.

Cleansing shattering strike, Group shattering impact and defence shattering rampage would be more balanced even with 108 speed it’s still manageable for cunnings to kill.

Version three, hopefully more balanced?


You can’t give something an attack-buffing move and cleanse, then say it loses to cunning lol.

Couldn’t a cunning creature just go for turn 1 distract and turn two nullification? Assuming it doesn’t kill on turn two since Rexy would have no armor.

Attack buff also deals no damage, so nullifying without taking a hit is easy. Also Rexy is fully vulnerable to distraction and can’t hit through dodge/cloak.

If you ask me make Defence Shattering rampage a delay of two.

I think that would require too much planning to set up, two-three hits (depending on speed) from most other creatures would kill Rexy before she could even use DSR

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It’s ok tyrant roar with group shattering impact is no joke

No. It’s bad enough everyone has to nickname everything as is, but to actually add another Tyrannosaurus Rex with that horrible name? Why? Why can we not create something new instead of advocate for aquatics and giant insects for an actual fresh and diverse experience?

Because it is fun

I’m fine with aquatics and insects, that would be really neat! But Rexy is the OG T-Rex from the first movie and Jurassic World 1/2. If we have the raptor pack, why not have Rexy?


Dude… it’s just another Tyrannosaurus Rex. I get what you mean. I really do, but Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo were uniquely different and thus warranted it. A Tyrannosaurus Rex that is not special in any way other than pure sentimental value is not.

I mean, we didn’t need an extra set of raptors so I am fine with another rex, hey, maybe even get the bull rex in here or the red rex lol
Actually, if they did put rexy or roberta in, they would prob have to make a new model since using the current rex one may upset some people.
Maybe even the camp cretaceous roarin rex toy model, I feel like its “simple” enough


Nah, that would ruin any creature with It. Rampages don’t need a delay of 2, only a move like devastation that does 3x damage has such delay

I don’t think you get it. We literally did need them. They are literally unique from any other Velociraptor. However… no other dinosaur can have the same said for them. Any Stegosaurus is just… a Stegosaurus. The same with any Triceratops. So on. You have to understand what I am actually saying here. I am not and would not oppose something simply to oppose something. This makes no sense. It’s not comparable to the Raptor Squad in any way.