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We need Rexy!

Raptor Squad - same raptor model with new skins to pay homage to specific dinosaurs in the movie

Rexy - same rex model with new skin to pay homage to a specific dinosaur in the movie

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Just imagine how lethal it would be in arena it would destroy anything, powered with 108 speed, 1950 dmg and it can increase it’s crit and attack.
Ok if nobody agrees with that delay at least give that rampage move a cooldown if two

I too don’t like that. There are so many amazing diverse creatures out there but this game is stuck with it’s gen2’s

But the move “Defense shattering rampage” in itself doesn’t need or deserve an extra delay or extra cooldown. This is just one creature, and to be honest it’s not even that powerful, even with those stats. There are many other existing creatures in the game with DSR that would be severely nerfed If the move got such a harsh nerf. If you think an specific dino is too powerful, it’s better to make a move just for It with the extra cooldown than to nerf a move that many other weaker creatures have.

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If you think about It, this dino isn’t even that powerful. Sure, It has crazy damage, but any cunning move can remove the buffs and distract It. It is kinda frail, only has 4200 HP. Unlike Thor, there’s no instant charge to save it, If It can’t outspeed, it’s dead, and with 108 speed, It ain’t outspeeding much. With the HP It has, It won’t last more than 2 turns. That’s why a delay of 2 would be unreasonable here as It should at least live enough to hit twice. If It can’t ever use it’s strongest move then it’s pretty weak and irrelevant.

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I think 50% speed decrease resistance is pretty useless with that speed, It should either have 100% or none, because anything other than 100% won’t be doing It any good as It is so slow. I’m not sure It should have a cleansing move, i think just team shattering strike is enough. Instead of that i would give It more HP, about 4600, 4200 is too frail for something that has to set up and is that slow. I say 4600 HP because many resilient creatures can do 4500 damage in 2 turns, so anything above that would make It good enough. Also 100% speed resistance. The rest of the kit i think is pretty good.

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I think the mascot of the series is unique enough to warrant a new creature…give her a slightly different and more ‘Jurassic Park’ rex model, scars, and a broken tooth and everyone will know who it is.

Here is the fourth iteration based on your feedback, this time with no cleansing move and 100% speed decrease resistance.

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Take her health up to 4600 and we have a much needed diplo killer in epic skill tourneys :+1: :t_rex:


Much better :slightly_smiling_face: