We need some love and justice for Pterasaurs

I remember the teasers for 1.4 and how excited I was for Pterasaurs…only for them all to be pretty mediocre (I mean why were they so slow to begin with). Then we got some more Pterasaurs over the next few patches who were kind of meh and so were the hybrids. Then the first unique Pterasaurs hybrids were teased and I was so excited again. Patch notes released and I fell in love with Daryx (I remember people were thinking it would be sure tyrant material) and wasn’t too impressed with Vexus…only for the update to drop and Daryx to be also meh. More trashy hybrids came and then Ludia just stopped making more Pterasaurs…until this patch with the equally underwhelming Poukandactylus.

Virtually all Pterasaurs seem underwhelming at best, having very niche uses. Vexus pre nerf was probably the best a Pterasaur ever was…which was decent but still not fantastic. This needs to change. Pterasaurs deserve to have some sort of meta relevance instead, decent stats to back it up and a functional kit

But bad stats aren’t the only problem, Poukandactylus has been the first Pterasaur in a while, it just seems as if Ludia gave up on them and decided to focus on cenazoics which they have been pumping out. Seriously, I want more new non hybrid Pterasaur. Also come on, what is with not giving Alanky and Dimo a hybrid. They’ve been in the game for a while and still got no hybrid and little utility.

I want justice and love for Pterasaurs Ludia !!!


I don’t even think it uses the Pterosaur model, but it still inherited their curse :sleepy:

Yeah probably. Same can be said for scaphotator as well. That thing is just terrible


Pterosaurs have a role as a support creature not a frontline like most other creatures. They do that okay but they could do with better stats to be more viable.


My Vexus would appreciate some love

I think they’ve lost their niche because of that. They were introduced to us as the swap-in dinos, but like everything in JWA, when one dino gets something new, they all do later on down the line. It’s cheapened the Pterosaurs.


Yes, I do agree. But how would you fix them but still keep them a viable option?

That’s the question, I guess. Aside from buffing, there’s not much you can really do unless you introduce a new Pterosaur-only move (which will probably leak onto other dinos anyway, mind).


Truthfully, It’s only the medium-sized pterosaurs (Pteranodon, Tupandactylus, etc.) that lack a defined niche:

  • Small pterosaurs like Dimorphodon and Pterovexus have a niche as swap-in bleeders, allowing them to be thrown in against high HP, often low-damage Resilient creatures.

  • Large azhdarchid pterosaurs (Arambourgiana, Alanqa, and Stygidaryx) have a niche as swap-in shield tanks, allowing them to eat big hits and then slow down Cunning Creatures.

But the idea of swapping in to set up a Counter attack with a creature that has low HP and mediocre damage is bad, even in theory. On top of that, we lack a pterosaur answer to Fierce creatures, which also happens to be the class that is hardest to swap into, barring Monolorhino and Quetzorion.

I think there are two routes that could be taken with Medium-size pterosaurs, without having to buff stats, that could improve their performance while maintaining their identity as primarily Swap-and-Run style combatants: Swap-in Strikes and Cunning Movesets.

Swap-in Strikes would allow Pterosaurs to swap-in without needing to take damage, while still possibly setting up or executing a low health creature. This could work even better when combined with move-set alterations. If these Swap-in strikes were instead things such as Swap-in Evasive or Cunning Strike, then these pterosaurs could swap-in without losing a large amount of HP as a consequence. This would give these pterosaurs a niche as revenge-killers/Anti-fierce Swap-ins.

Another, additional idea that would expand on pterosaurs as Swap-In, Swap-out setup creatures would be to give them unique swoops based on their niche. We already have Swoops that bleed, giving us a Fierce answer to Resilient creatures, but what about a Cunning Swoop to lower damage on the next attack while swapping out to help the next incoming creature? or a Resilient Swoop to slow the opposing creature as set up for the incoming creature?