We need to better Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus in real life is the fastest large theropod of all time, able to reach speeds of up to 40mph so why in the world is the JWA Carno given the 4th lowest speed stat possible? I know some people will say it’s for ‘balance’ but it’s not balanced, it’s garbage. Also if we go by how it’s represented in the Jurassic canon it should also probably have cloak. We should really get an updated Carnotaurus who has like 115 speed at the least and a move set based around moving fast and cloaking, maybe a Gen 2 Carnotaurus who is green like the novel Carnos. I really want to use this dinosaur, but it’s not even good enough to be used in friendly battles and that really sucks. Best model in the game, but one of the worst stats and movesets as well.


I haven’t even seen a carno. My fav dino eludes me so much I thought it wasn’t really in the game at first launch. I am kind of for cloak (read books) but I am not a fan of the 50% chance to dodge that it brings because I am a naturally very unlucky person.
Like… if I don’t envoke Murphy’s law I get screwed, but if I do because I know I will, it hits hard in a different way. So… on the fence bout that, but I’m all for speed increase.

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Such a cool looking dino.
I hope they give it an awesome hybrid.

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I never go out of my way for this guy. He just spawns alllllll the time

He is the reason i wasted so many fuel few weeks ago😅sad he doesnt spawn nearby anymore i love how he looks its a really awesome dino and deserves a good buff cloak is too much but a move like galimimus would be great


Badass dino looks awesome

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Yeah, I’m not a big fan of RNG myself. It’s just seem appropriate to give it cloak because of the novel. Honestly I feel like creating a Gen 2 Carno with the classic dark green skin coloration with a speed boost and cloak would be an awesome addition

It wouldn’t be too much if they added a Gen 2 epic variant

Yes, green cloaking Carno with bleeding attack would be cool. And I agree with speed increase for gen 1. Should have equal speed to Allosaurus imo.


I like the idea of buffing the speed, since the Carnotaurus was basically a steam engine on legs. But the attack damage needs to be buffed a bit more on par with Allo. Carnos had smaller teeth than most carnosaurs (as did most Abelisaurids), and rather weak jaws. It would use its jaws more like an axe, slamming into prey at all speed. The thick neck muscles and heavily reinforced neck vertebrae were proof of this.

As it is, carno is pretty weak, considering its Rare status.

I can see that some tweaking needs to happen in order to make our Carnos arena-ready.


If they make Carnotaurus faster it would be a cool unique counter attacker. Alot of the counter attackers are pretty slow and kinda useless since they have really low health…

Yeah, carno needs a definite overhaul.

It was a medium-sized carnosaur, faster than most big heavies like the tyrannosaurs. Don’t get why Ludia decided to put the brakes on this speedster.


Totally agree. I was super disappointed with it having the same basic speed as all the other theropod types. 109-112 speed would be great or maybe minimal speed up strike.
Sidenote: Anyone think Carno plus Diplotator would look great and have a pretty serious set?
I think it’d look like The Isle’s Hypo Carno


Minimal speed strike would make sense. Out of all the Dinos I don’t know why they didn’t make a hybrid from it.

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Well maybe they’re waiting for the right creature to mash it together with

Carnoraptor… Carno + common raptor. High speed death.

That’s what I would do, at least…

I don’t know about anyone else but I think I’ve had enough of raptor hybrids.
I’d go for diplotator+carno for the looks and armor piercing or I’d go Stgyi+Carno for the speed and impact and run

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Allo+Carno or maybe Spino+Carno.