We need to better Carnotaurus

I don’t really mess with diplotator anymore. I’m trying to see how tough I can get mine before I put it back in my team.

But Spinotaurus… There’s a hybrid that can inflict DoT, and overall ruin an opponent’s day…

Hope you’re listening, Ludia. Spinotaurus - the latest unholy abomination from Dr. Wu’s lab. Epic Spino Gen2 + Carnotaurus.

Thank you, won’t you?

Carnoraptor (pyroraptor+carntarus)= legendary dino that has a counterattack over 500 attack and short defense, cleansing impact and I saved the best for last… pounce! This dino is going to have 130 speed! Lydia this is my favorite hybrid from JW the game please add this Dino and cleansing it self after velociraptor’s pounce soooo… BROKEN!

Carnoraptor was cool in JW:TG but it’d be so OP in this. Cleansing, high speed, short defense, pounce possible, counter attacking hybrid? New meta right there, better than Blue.
I’m definitely leaning towards Stygimoloch+Carnotaurus= Carnodiabolus
124 Speed
10% critical
Vulnerability Strike, Long Defense, Rampage and Run, Instant Charge
1X counter attack
Or maybe Suchotator+Carnotaurus= Taurosuchus
115 Speed
20% Critical
Superiority Strike, Lethal Impact, Short Defense, Instant Cripple
1X counter attack
I think one of those would be pretty high tier

I found only one Carno and it was in my delivery area (thank god!) But I work at Domino’s Pizza over in Mission, Kansas and the Carno I’m referring to was in this VERY PRIVATE super rich “elite members only” golf club/course that had “private drive signs” everywhere by the entrance that’s located in Prairie Village, within Mission, Kansas about 10 to 15mins away from downtown Kansas City, Missouri. (Anyway no I wasn’t able to capture him sadly, but since I had my pizza topper on my car I drove up to the golf club driveway anyway between 8 & 9pm to try and capture him. Only had 18 darts but did manage to get halfway to capturing him. But here’s the fun part, as I was quickly leaving the private drive this HUGE dinosaur crocodile purrosaurus gen 2 (I think is what it’s called.) I’ll have to check since ai lucked out and got a direct hit every time on him. Unlocked him on first try! Whoo hoo!