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We need to chat about park spawns

Im not sure why I continue to waste my time or my gas hunting for this game but I do.

I just drove 7.4 miles through green park territory (yes I measured it). Not one single Stego or Dilo gen 2 spawn. Not even with a scent running the whole time.
Ludia, what gives? Its WINTER. Many of us cant hunt outside. Beef up the spawns, dont make them worse!
Please cut us some slack here, make this game fun again! Hunting use to be exciting but now its such a drag.
Please stop locking so many dinos in parks.

exhale, rant over
Thank you, that is all.


Agree … too many creatures and too few spawns … used 3 x 20 min scents in parks over the last 3 days … one Dilo G2. At least with local spawns you can go to that local and are guaranteed a handful of the commons. Free the park creatures!!! Free the Park 19!!!

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The problem with park spawns at the moment is they are cluttered by the area they are in.

Every morning I go to a large park next to my house and run 2-3 large scents and 2-4 small scents.
I can only get 4 to 7 dilo and it’s including regular spawns.
It’s just not worth the time. The problem is most of the spawns are not from park : there are just the weekly spawns or the spawns from area around. It’s a huge problem since dilo can only spawn in park at daytime.
There is a huge balancing issue there, and it makes players who stockpiling its dna to advance way faster on tenon than others that have to grind really hard to level him up.

I remember ludia said there are lot of parks in Canada and that’s why they took time to move event drop out of parks. Ludia. Same problem is happening here…

Millions of coins now. Not enough DNAs to level up the team. Stuck without much progress. Wondering if this continues, then, how much longer players could stay.
Some have disagreed with my arguments sometime back - the game is fast moving into a sewer.
I am not sure about now…

I almost cry when I think back to how much Dilo Gen 2 I didn’t bother to dart … had 10s of 1000s but all gone now … it’s not right when the T-Rex G2 is the “common” ingredient. Dimetrodon is my other big sticking point but at least that is in the wild … and in fairness it is a rare

Atleast its dilo.

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Agreed. During my 7+ miles I encountered very few park spawners and was mostly just swarned by the common locals.