We need to spend money, why don't you just conclude spoofers outcome?


How long do you expect spoofers to wait? I have lots of DNA that is left unused because I’ve stopped buying coins. VIP is due soon and wont be renewing either.

The above is the situation our group is facing… We want to spend but will not until outcome is clear. Do it quick cause some are already losing interest…


Oh, you cheated and now you’re demanding swift action? That’s cool.


Did you self report? Or are you just waiting to see if you got caught?


In my honest opinion, you knowingly cheated, broke the terms of service so I don’t think they should be reimbursed anything. Spent cash or not.


I think all legit players who’ve sunk money into the game should be refunded $10 for every spoofer. Fair game.


@TitanDino I don’t see a problem here. Should of never spoofed in the first place. And in my honest opinion Ludia should of never refunded y’all a single cent.


The cheaters are the ones getting reimbursed, not the real paying players!:rage::rage::rage:


Losing interest? To spend and spoof more? If you don’t move can ludia see you? :man_shrugging:t2: By all means don’t let the door hit your cheating self on the way out.


You could have easely posted this in a private message to ludia. Personally i prefer spoofers to get bored and not come back. I hope its not high on their list of things to do. Plenty of other stuff that need fix or rework.


Get bored and not come back? Yeah like that worked for Pokémon go. Primarily a collecting game. Guessing you ain’t in 4.8+ arena yet, 1-3 of your opponents spoofs.


It must be horrible for you having to wait to see if you’ve been caught cheating when all you want to do is get on with ruining a game in peace!

Must be very stressful laying on your couch with all that money burning a hole in your pocket that you want to spend on cheated dinosaurs on your phone.

You and all the other cheats will be in my thoughts. :heart:


Did we see any action taken by ludia after their strong message? Nothing…
They don’t even bother legit players how they feel, all they care of course is their bottom line.
Not a single message to what or when their action will be taken after the so called “grace period” of 14 days, so guys, spoofers are their pay masters…we have to live with it or quit.


You guessed right. But then again not many people are that high. I dont play the game to be competitive, there is no equality, there are many much better competitve games out there then this one. I hope your numbers are off but sad part is you are probably right, there are far too many that play that way. I dont understand the point of spoofing, the game is all about moving around finding stuff upgrading dino’s and watch them fight each other in the arena’s. The fun part is working hard for them while being out there. What is it that makes people power crazy for trophies that badly that they miss the whole point of the game. You dont even get any money or stuff for being high ranked. So its just fame and glory or something, for stuff that you know you did not even get in a fair way.


Yes i totally agree.
I too don’t understand the need to be right on top by spoofing on their sofa/bed without enjoying the excitement in the process.
But as far as we all know, spoofers make the bulk of the player base, u either join them or u quit or u ignore them totally.
I just continue catching and enjoying the game with wife and friends.
Ludia is a company, they just care of how much players pay them, if spoofers can be banned, pokemon game is dead.
Now Niantic released all the banned players they once lock up, so u can imagine how much they need for spoofers to be in this kind of game.


Just play and forget spoofers


I was impatient waiting for cheats to get removed. But clearly it’s way more frustrating for the cheats. So I guess I can wait.

I just hope we see the leaderboard post purge before it’s reset. So season 0 gets a proper finale.


Unfortunately this game is no diffrent than anyother i have played. Cheats will never be removed. large gaming company use the tactics of banning people as a marketing strategy to gain in reviews and player base. It looks far better to say “we ban cheaters than to do nothing at all.” One a cheat is discovered 10 more undiscovered have been released. Its a viscous cycle and a hard fight. Unless they are going to monitor in real time ( which they are NOT GOING TO due to cost and scale) there is no way to combat them effectively. The best they can do is try to minimize the amount of cheaters. Whats stoping a cheater from just making a new account and doing it all over again? Nothing really… they will cheat untill they are tired of the game and move on. Then Only to have another player, who feels they are entitled to what the game has to fully offer, fill the cheaters shoes that has just left the game out of boredom, that are to the newest and greatest game on the market. only cheat once again out of self entitlement. They dont care about time, money or effort. They only care about what they truly feel they are entitled to in the game. Been around sense the 90s when gaming first started on the internet. seen alot of games come and sadly go. Now the gaming industry is just this… make said game, Cash crop it for as long as you can, let it die by not providing any support for it. Take the money and run. Make a new game and repeat the process. Sell off the original game to some poor sap who feels it has a chance or make a little money off it. This is the simple truth of gaming now. Get rid of entitlement… get rid of most cheaters.One company’s earnings for 2016 was 2.6 BILLION DOLLARS. All on phone games that is close to 7 million dollars a day for 365 days in the year


I got my refund. All of it except for the 3 months subscriptions. I’m still trying to get the 3 months subscriptions fee. Until now I still encounter cheaters and spoofers. Not worth of spending another dime into it!:thinking::roll_eyes::wink::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:


Got to admit I feel a little misled by pre-tournament stance vs what actually happened. Maybe if enough legit players ask for a refund, ludia will pick a side on who they’re going to back. I don’t know who spends more, legit or spoofers but if it’s spoofers and that is what it comes down to, I’ll request a refund due to not fulfilling their original spoofer banning.


Gen 4 for pokemon go comes out soon, go there and spoof.