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We need to talk about Grypo vs Grypo endless fight

Those crocs could fight literally forever if it wasnt for the turn limit. Maybe Grypo could receive a Swap Prevention Immunity or a Swap Prevention Resistance. This way fights would not be stuck on Grypo vs Grypo for years. I could not think about anything else that could fix it. Just the Swap resistance or immunity


Yea, pin immunity for it please. Or maybe a gimmick where if 2 no escape dinos fight eachother, they can swap.


This happens with most dinos that can heal… The battles go on and on and on and on… Not helped by the new “the higher your attack is, the better the healing” mode they’ve added on. But at the very least one person always crumbles and just swaps them out in the end.


But you can swap with those guys, so it can end with something like a rhino. I would suggest a stun resistance (especially with the buff it just got), so then it can be stunned and one can swap


What do you mean? :thinking:

With the healers like turomoloch vs turomoloch, you can swap into a dio, rhino, or tryko for example. You can’t with grypo vs grypo


This is what the topic is about, a Grypo vs Grypo situation where they wont die and the match ends only when turn limit is reached. A swap immune creature that can come and kill it is not the issue, the issue is Croc vs Croc

That’s what I’m saying. With grypo being not 100% immune to stuns, you cannot go for immobilize without the chance of getting a stun. I’ve been caught in this sadly, and if you use immobilize after they regen, “swap”, or also go for a failed immobilize, then you can freely swap out. I don’t want to add more to grypo considering it’s busted already


You saying that parcial stun immunity would prevent crocs from preventing each other to swap, I got it now. That’s another way to fix it indeed. Dont know how it would work out of the Grypo vs Grypo, but it would prevent endless matches if we consider it will be stunned

One of the ways to stall in grypo vs grypo is to swap, and let no escape keep you pinned. If they do that, and you immobilize, and they have a chance to get stunned, and then you get to swap out


I still think that swap Immunity would be a better choice, but both ideas would help solve the endless fight. One of them is a guaranteed way to prevent it, the other way depends on RNG

It would, but with grypo being really strong right now, I don’t want to buff it even more


This is gonna be worse with super full hp heals

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Indeed it is. I was hoping for it to receive either swap immunity or resistance, but probably crocs will fight until the meteor crashes again

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Most players don’t have the patience

Was just thinking the same thing… There needs to be some sort of caveat otherwise one player either needs to give up, otherwise (as usually happens) the turn limit is reached… @Ned

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The worst is when you are down 2-1 and they purposely swap Grypoly in on yours :unamused:. I will absolutely play that game out until the bitter end and make them work for that 30 trophies they are about to get. Because even if you time out, the person with the higher takedown number will actually win and it won’t be a draw. It’s a low handed crappy thing to do, but the current kit that Grypoly has allows for people to abuse it (and trust me they do). So I agree that the ability to stun Grypoly (or at least a percentage of a chance) could help immensely.


What is the turn limit?
I’ve never encountered it.

I haven’t actually counted, but I know it can go on for at least 15 min.

I thought it was a time limit? Like others, I haven’t actually counted it. But I do know that one of my matches ended around the same time as the other, even though the start of the match had much faster move selections than the previous.