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We need to talk (more) about Maxima

As many around here, I loved the update overall, but I have to say, in terms of balance and variety in the Arena, it has become worse, maybe worse than ever (which is saying something!). And this creature is the one to blame the most. Tryko is also OP but not as much as this thing. It reminds me of the time of Thors+Rats… The problem is not only that everyone on higher arenas is using it fully boosted, but also that it’s so OP that everyone is also being forced to use counters for it. Build their whole team based on it! If you don’t do that, you’re screwed…So there goes variety again… I get it that it’s a new reality and people need to “adapt” to it, but I really don’t see a solution here without a nerf. “Learn to counter it”? Yeah sure… the good ol’ “Ratrategy” says hello almost everytime I send a counter against Max…

One creature defining the whole arena. I haven’t seen that since the DSR rat. Not even with Indo2.


If it didn’t have that shield for 2 turns, lots of stuff could handle it. My team seems to deal with it as long as it doesn’t resort to that shield (well it’s currently unusable but if they return it to what it was instead of the pre 2.0 …)

Otherwise I have to use Kapro, and he’ll die most of the time, but then I’ll have something that can take away the shield off Maxima or distract it and eat the last bit of HP on it. Carnotarkus does an ok job unless the smaxima is going into attack boost heaven and is way higher level.


From what I see, IG2 was worse. IG2 would take out my whole team in its heyday. I am usually able to take Maxima out one way or the other, though I certainly win less if they have maxima and I do not. I do agree it seems to be a bit to powerful. Even with the loss of the instant shield right now, its still the strongest thing out there that I see. I understand though that some find Maxima to be the worse of the two.


Well I have the best counter for Maxima at high level and boosted (Thyla 29) and I still have a hard time dealing with it… And yeah, it’s undeniable that if you don’t have your Maxima and the opponent does, you’re in a huge disadvantage…


Actually, down here in High Aviary- Low Library we’ve had a single creature define the meta for quite a while.
Indoraptor G2. Thor and Indoraptor sort of did too, because they were on practically every team, in every match.

I know that Ardentismaxima is overpowered, but in terms of how diverse the teams are with the new meta, I actually prefer how it is now to how it was before.


Dunno if this was directed to me or not, but my Maxima is good and strong, max boosted like most… And screw Indo.

Having a creature doesn’t mean we shouldn’t admit when it’s completely broken.


Being in every team doesn’t mean it defines the meta. Being chosen or not is what does… If that was also the case, in high Library to mid Gyro Thor hasn’t been an issue for a long time… Indo2 was annoying and strong, but as I said, not as much as this Maxima.

The majority of teams I face now have Magna, Maxima, Tryko, Thyla and Dracorat… The small variety is usually among Dioraja, Orion, Lania and Phorus… Maybe Vexus, Spyx and some brave souls like me still using Erlido (maybe not brave, but simply not have anything to replace it, lol)


Yeah, it was basically Thor, Indo and Indo G2 in every match, over and over, enough to drive anyone nuts.
They weren’t necessarily hard to beat, (except for the occasional boosted monster) but battling them was just… tedious.

Even now, Thor is everywhere, boosted to the sky. I actually faced a level 21 one yesterday, already with 133 speed. It’s like they’ve got a cult going or something.

And while Maxima is obviously much harder to beat, there’s more options, and more room for fun strategies. I actually managed to get away with using my level 20 Spinonyx in Library for a while because it could draw with the monster Maximas. I even managed to take one down with my level 15 Dimodactylus, and got to experiment with Pterovexus for a while.

Maybe the current meta will lose its charm eventually, but for now, it’s more fun than the last one, even though it’s undeniably flawed.


In gyro, I feel like if me or my opponent didnt draw max, the fight is pretty fun and even. If only one of us draw max, the fight just goes by a landslide, as max can usually take 2 full dinos with him, boosted or not, and its almost impossible to recover after that. If we both drew our max, then the fight is of course even, just depends if you pull it first or save it for last.

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Still find it hard to believe people would go right back to nitroing their thors, especially after this update. It wasnt good before and now its borderline terrible. I just shake my head in dismay when I see a 130+ speed one before putting the poor thing out of its misery.


Ok I get that axima is the new powerhouse but it’s certainly not as bad as some of the old powerhouses because it can bleed and be distracted and it can’t constantly distract and dodge like prorat or indo2 so that makes it a much smaller threat than those two nightmares so I’d say it’s not that bad and chompers can counter it real well my 20 rex can hold its own against it long enough to drag it’s health down for anything faster than it to give it a tap and watch it fall


Honestly I just wanna use Gemini instead of Max because he deserves to be better.


The biggest problem with Maxima is that most players already have a high level one because it was so easy to get dna for it before 2.0. It wasn’t a problem before the boost reset because most players had their boosts invested in other dinos and could only have added very few new boosts to Maxima anyway. Before that, there was always high level tyrants before but never in such large number (except Thor, which happen to be another easy to make dino as well, and was also one of the worst meta ever as it was “who has the best and fastest Thor” back then). So now, welcome to another boring “who has the most boosted Maxima”. As explained by somebody else here, it then become who has it, and if both have it, who has the most boosted one… And guess what, like Thor, since most players have it, complaints will be somewhat minimal (so many won’t complaint against their own dinos) and sure enough, because many players have it, Ludia may not want to nerf it in any way, as they don’t want to turn the crowd against them. (It’s much easier to nerf a Gemini or Mammolania since less players have it…). So as Spock would say: “Live long and suffer”

Has maxima lost invincibility? It doesn’t appear when I try to use it!

Nah it’s just bugged. It glitches raids too. Hope they fix this. But I don’t hope they bring back 2 turn invincibility.

Just a clown probably. Just ignore him.


It’s like Ludia goes out of its way to enrage us Great way to treat your loyal customers mez ami. We keep telling you the problems with the game/arena and you keep making it worse. I for one will not be renewing VIP anytime until true balance returns to the game.

Love your game, but you could make it so much better.

They were so so close to the best arena balancing update ever and ruined probably everything with only 2 creatures. I agree with you that reminds me the first DC+Thor era with old boost system.
I have not understand yet if these 2 are so op because they have to countered by Mortem once available or if because they didn’t playtest the update…really i can’t understand…it’s quite evident that Max and Tryko are of another powerlevel and plays a different game…don’t know how they could have missed this GROSS MISCALCULATION…
By the way, get prepaired to Mortem, because once available with boost it will ruin the experience of any player who does not have it outside of the top 50

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Lmao fr though it always seems like someones complaining about something new

I’m stilll facing Indo g2 1 in 3 matches.