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We need unique Mammoth or boost Tsintamoth

I absolutely love mammoth type dinos, and when Ludia releases the Tsintamoth, I was like a child on Christmas; but I get disappointed when I see that Tsintamoth is a raid support dino and hasn’t powerful attacks (like 2x attacks). That’s a pity because Ludia is wasting the great work that the 3D artist and animators made on the mammoth type dinos. That’s why, I suggest to make an unique Mammoth with a big power or buff Tsintamoth to gain the the ability to compete against the best dinosaurs in the game.

I do agree Tsintamoth could use a little buff in attack, but I think it’s pretty fine as it is currently. Just put on a few attack boosts and that should solve your problem.

There are already 2 uniques that use Wooly Mammoth as a component. Mammolania and Entelolania

He meant a elephant looking hybrid