We Need Your Help! 👇

TL;DR: We are looking for members for Raptor Mode, or a small alliance who wants to merge with us (Alliance: Raptor Mode)

Truth be told, when the game was still semi-great, everybody in our alliance was online. We were even reaching 4/5 (Based on old Alliance Missions). Now a few of our members have just completely stopped playing. So while our members will be missed, our leader did a massive cleanup. Atleast 16 people were booted, and were looking for either you’re help or your alliance’s help. You can join our alliance, or if you’re in a small alliance, we can merge our alliances. Please tell other people if you know someone that needs an alliance.

Can I join? We have a small alliance but I’m the only person be who plays regularly. My player name is DinoMaster and my id is 7195. I am level 10 and I usually did all the alliance missions in my old alliance.

If youre still available we are still open