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We need your help


Thaweekenders need your help. We are a small but fairly active group. We need some help to knock out these challenges.

Trying to get group members

Hey everyone. We need some people for our alliance… We are pretty active, there are just too few of us.!



My husband and I are looking for an alliance we can join together, I’m around 2300 trophies, play a few times a day, he just downloaded today

Edit: I’m TriTops and I think he’s something like TRozz


Hi - I would love to have u and your husband join my alliance - let me know your username and your number and I will send an invite if u r interested - my alliance name is Canadino


I see your name is TriTops - do u know the number ?


Hi - I have exactly the same problem lol - would u consider combing to make one big alliance ?