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We played for a while, apart from the complaints that are often in the forum

If the Apex creatures that are currently in Jurassic World Alive were hybrids, what do you think their components would be, for example, for me the Mortem Rex is a mix of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Magnapyritor.

Although the Jurassic Park Fandom says that the Mortem Rex is a mix of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Setegosaurus.

I mean I can see why people would say rex and stego, I’ve seen a video someone just stuck stego plates on an upward standing t rex toy and painted it and then it was goji, I used to think dio was the closest looking thing to goji actually, so I have 2 ways of thinking about mortem
In game possible: most likely rex gen 2+stego= epic? Stegorex+para lux= mortem?
Not entirely sure but that’s just one way that may be possible in game, other is T rex+stego+para lux but its not much different
Magnus… sino+lux+ something feathered?
Hadros… para+corythosaurus+para lux?
bax… some gorgonopsid(acrocanthops parent?)+lion?+lux
Lots have lux cuz of the glow I guess, and that’s all I can think of