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We’re recruiting

Ubetjurassican is looking for 3 extremely active players! We’re damn good, too. But you can’t be any geek off the street, you gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean. Earn your keep.

We are a 10/10 or 10/9 alliance, have 2 level 20 shared sancs, donate generously and despite being down several members for the past few weeks we finished at tier 5 and are looking at tier 8 with the new guidelines.
You are an active daily player who loves to battle, will participate in weekend tournaments and get a minimum of 10 takedowns, use discord (and I do not mean you have discord but don’t check it and will ignore tags, messages and updates), follow our shared sanc rules, and when you hear REGULATORS you say “mount up.”
If you’re interested please respond here or slide into my dm’s. We do not accept blind requests. Come be the Nate Dogg to our Warren G.


It’s the G Funk era, funked out with a gangsta twist!