We really need a global clock in this game!

Hey mods, can we pass a message along to the devs about adding in a standard game clock? It would make giving my clan alpha instructions so much easier since we’re spread across so many time zones. :grimacing:

What I do is give all times in Eastern Daylight Time and Coordinated Universal Time.

For example,

1pm EDT (5pm UTC)

Most people can figure it out from there.


I do give it to them in the same time but it would be easier if nobody had to do any figuring :woman_shrugging:t3:

@Mama_Fury, I’ll bring it up to our Devs!

Thank you!

Hey, while you’re at it, can you mention about giving at least the clan leader more access to clan members battle info…I would love to be able to see exactly how many battles each member has done as we’re battling an alpha and what their damage was without having to ask and or guess. Would really help us plan our next moves… :wink:

Absolutely, this is something our team is looking into. They’re trying to add more options and settings into the Clans to better help Clan Leaders managing their members.

Awesome! Great to hear!