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We really need a new top end herbivore hybrid

So with the release of pteraquetzal that’s now 3 tourney level ptera hybrids, 1 glass cannon, 1 balanced and 1 (well sorta) tank, so now I think it’s time for another tourney level herbivore hybrid.

But I think ludia needs to make it so that it gives pteraquetzal some kind of bonus to the other birds (currently it has none that stand out) I remember watching Sionsiths video and in it he clearly states that segnosuchus can 1 hit ko metriaphodon, 2 hit ko zalmonodon but also 2 hit kill pteraquetzal.

So to counter this my suggestion is to create a balanced tourney level herbivore hybrid that is able to 2 hit ko zalmonodon but it has to take 3 hits to ko pteraquetzal, (something with around 2,800 attack) not only will this add a bonus to pteraquetzal but it will also add a nice balance to the end game herbivore hybrids as currently unayrhncus is the next best and segnosuchus needs a stronger buddy.

Any of you artistic guys have any suggestions? I was thinking shunosaur and antarctopelta (antarctosaurus) 8,000 health and 2,800 attack and I think maybe it was lucky that mentioned nodosaur and dracorex

I’m really hoping this will be the next new release and am looking forward to what the next new hybrid might be (even if it isn’t a herbivore).

Thoughts on this?

(Ps dont hate me i know we need an amphibian hybrid more) :joy:


Yes we definitely could use a more balanced and/or meat shield herbivore hybrid. That’s why I try to get every apatosaurus I get offered along with Prestos, both filling in some gaps for what tournament hybrids are available. The monosteg also fits in that category well but of course both s-hybrids and VIPs are a slow process to acquire compared to something you can just purchase with DNA.


couldn’t have said it better

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