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We really need an Ankyntrosaurus week

We deserve an Ankyntrosaurus week, do you agree?

  • Yes
  • Definitely yes

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Anklyosaurus, Kentrosaurus, much needed also


The only problem with this is that we get loads of t-rex dna and if they give us ankyntro we will see an increased number of tryko in the arena. I don’t really think ludia would be so kind to us :smiley:


Lol true but I’ve already started seeing that and now I want one :rofl:


Why would anyone say just “Yes” ?? :man_facepalming:t4:

“Definitely Yes” is the obvious correct answer here!


Of course, all the ingredients ^___^

Because like me , I assume many tought it wasYES Or NO, and instantly clicked in the first option before scrolling down.

Or course I want this little fellow not only for tryko but because he is another lever of making the opponent Pull his hair.


A week only for epics for the first JWA year

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Ill chalk it up to not reading all the options as my eyes went directly to yes and picked it… afterwards i realized the errors in my ways.


I need to change my answer to definitely yes. At the very least we need ankylosaurus

I only need Kentro, still have a good stash of anky.

I need anky on the other hand got tons of kentro :grin:

@Justin_Larson maxed his tryko, maxed ankyn, took them both out for a fancy dinner and then never called them back


Wishing an epic scent would yield at least one at a park. We are definately overdue for an armor week.

I was going to vote, but I’m way too immature to ruin this.

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no. i don’t need one ankylo event!

I NEED 10 !!!


Definitely yes

An Ankyntrosaur popped right on top of an event :crocodile: today. I scored pretty well 329 and was so stoked. When the score page came up it showed Ankylosaurs gen 2. I nearly cried, the golden aura from the event…

Oh, I vote yes too. I only have 1500 epic cockroach dna and haven’t even started the legendary one.