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We Really Need Fission Option for Deoxyribonucleic Acid and a Conversion Option by Rarity

I think this is long overdue. Sure, I agree with the need to let us have Epic Deoxyribonucleic Acid donated and any way we can get more is great, but think about if you could give yourself more than others. Community Deoxyribonucleic Acid swapping is great, however, we already are all sitting on gold mines!

If we had a Fission option, we could devolve hybrids altogether that we do not use or with non-hybrids just simply de-level them. We need a way to gain Deoxyribonucleic Acid back that is unused and… not only that… but we also need in addition to this a way to convert Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a tier systematic method.

So I could take any 2,000 (just a sample amount) of Rare Deoxyribonucleic Acid and trade it for ANY other Rare Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Now on the other hand we also need a way where we can take differing amounts of lesser rarity Deoxyribonucleic Acid for a higher rarity. An example would be converting 5,000 Kentrosaurus Deoxyribonucleic Acid (Epic) into either 2,500 Spinonyx Deoxyribonucleic Acid (Legendary) or maybe a 1,250 Quetzorion Deoxyribonucleic Acid (Unique) or 500 Mortem Rex Deoxyribonucleic Acid (Apex) if they want to allow Apex.

No we don’t. We already have the ability to fuse DNA to get Epic Legendary and Uniques. So go out and hunt those dinos to fuse DNA. This idea takes away the whole purpose of going out and hunting specific dinos.


We do. Think about it. This benefits someone like me more because I come to an “end game” quicker than everyone else, or most, but you could limit these numbers or make it 5 of one rarity for 1 of a higher. We can work it out. We need to have this because it’s time and there are still many of you that play update to update so you will never be like me and get something like this and be good with your moves and sit on them. Many of you will juggle them back and forth.

You aren’t thinking about the way this can benefit everyone. We make out and they can monetize it to a certain degree for making there be a substantial price to enact this each time or per type of Fission.

Many will still continue to do it.

Also you could do it like Boosts with the Refund option. I wouldn’t agree with that.

All the cool kids say DNA.


Beat me too it. :laughing:


It’s not a pawn shop lol, the whole progression of the game is hunting/scenting for the creatures you need.

Everything we do with our collected resources is an investment on our end. DNA, coin, bucks, etc



But you do realize we already hunted it… therefore giving us a way to reinvest is actually smart. Our time matters. At least, as a gamer who plays multiple other games, my time matters to me. Yours should matter to you. I’ve even given ways to format it. We need this. Rarely does a game give you the option to reinvest time you can never get back and it can put a valuation on that time if needed.

Did anyone read that part? Deoxyribonulcleic Acid matters and things are different now in the world. We need this.

There is a simple fix to this, it’s called learning from your mistakes. If you have this option, how would you learn and grow?


That is not relevant here. See, once again this is more beneficial to everyone else in one way and me in an entirely different way. What about the value of people’s time? All we are doing is trading it off.

If you take issue with this then you should lobby for refund options to go away. No more right? Learn from mistakes.

Ahahaha ya it was freakin me out how many times i read deoxyriboocabababa acid. :slight_smile: i definitely agree we should be able to do something with our stockpiled dna. Not sure if this is it or not but cudos for thinkin of options.

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There is a difference between boost resets and a return if DNA, DNA is more valuable than boosts as you need DNA to effectively use boosts. Also, the boost system punishes you way to hard (in my eyes) for experimenting and correcting mistakes.


Deoxys Acid huh


I agree with you, but time is valuable as well. It would be a morale boost for a developer to show that they care about our time and not just our money. The time of a player is heavily devalued, specifically when a game is constantly updated. This would change that.

Unfortunately, Ludia does care about our money. It has to care, as Ludia is a business. They make this game so that play would play it, and more importantly, pay it. However, with this system, people would likely not pay as much to get dna due to it being devolved. This is not good business in Ludia’s eyes, while its seems like a good idea to some of us. Ludia wants to make a profit as well, so nice idea, but it just wouldn’t be implemented unless Ludia saw this and went," Now to prove him wrong". Which I doubt they would do, but its Ludia. Expect anything but balance.

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To prove her wrong. And I already mentioned they could monetize this heavily. Just look at that part again. There are so many ways to make money off of this idea and have timers on how often you can do it as well. The way everyone else plays this game would ensure they make money.

No, just no. How much DNA does a level 10 person get from a level 10 epeic incubator? 300, double that for two incubators,600, double it again for two weeks, 1200. Divide that by four and a level 10 person has 300 unique DNA. What? Where is the balance? And even if you don’t have an amazing alliance, getting to level 5 in each incubator(which most casual alliances get to) will mean 300 unique DNA in a month. Thats for a level 10. A level 20 will take half the time.

How much common DNA do you think level 10 accounts have? About 100,000 is my guess. How much unique DNA is that? 6,250 is the answer. Just trading in all the common DNA people at level 10, They can get 2 uniques maxed, and they will still have about 1k left.


Until they want to swap again… you are not thinking about the way people play. I would sit on my changes, but due to everyone else playing update to update you all wouldn’t be doing that in mass. You’d be using that feature regularly.

Why would you want to swap unique DNA for anything other than unique DNA? That makes no sense. My point was the ease that a person in lockdown can get a full unique team


But that’s where the other ideas come in. The penalties and such and charges for doing so. The limitations on the amount. The cooldowns.

huh…wait…but then it would take the whole exclusive part away…i like it…not sure about ludia though…