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We really need this for raids Ludia!

Boss raids are in the game for a long time but if there is one thing they should improve…

…it’s the raid lobby

Yes I mean it’s so annoying not to talk to people in lobby’s because they will pick creatures that we don’t need for raids or don’t have the creature we need (look I know discord exists but not alot of people have access to discord).

Is it so hard to add to a chat function for raid lobby’s?!

I hope ludia will ever add this because this is something we really need.


Indeed they need to do that. So frustating it isn’t there yet. They also need to add something like contacts so you can talk with your friends if they aren’t in your allancie. Plz Ludia think about…


Being that their chat functionality, even in alliance chat, is horrible/non responsive … this is probably a heavy lift for them =P

But yes, the lack of chat ability severly impacts the socail function of this game.

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At least we have these completely useless blue check marks we can put next to player’s icons… lol. What is even the point of these things?