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We really need to have replayability to the game

Now that Antoine/Noah route is over. I want to relive that experience again. They’re my most favorite match and I didn’t manage to level up my last bar to :heart: which I’m sure is my last level up before his route was over.


I just finished it.

Are all the stories going to be this short? Im sad. I knew it had to end sometime but…already…I mean I complained about how his story was going but I didnt know it was ending.

I also didn’t get to level up one last time either

Also you can relive it…you just have to make another account and do it that way. Or link up either a facebook account or a google play account.

Im sad how fast it ended and I deleted the app. I have enough heartbreak in my real life. I don’t need fictional heart break. I know it had to end sometime and its a good ending but still…I’ll never have another conversation with him.

I think I need therapy for my emotional attachment to fictional characters.

What does it say when you finish a match’s story? :thinking:

I still have way too much gem on my first account. There’s some gem choice of Antoine that I skipped cause it was before the vip subscription. I could’ve literally bought all his premium choice if we could replay our route.

Just like our April fool match.

Yes, yes, and yes. That would be an awesome idea! But, of course, have it where we keep our gem choices (and pics) that we have chosen previously. At the very least, I’d love to revisit some live scenes, though I don’t know how that could be made to work, haha.
I know with the premise of a “dating app game” that eventually their stories will end, but tbh I don’t want it to end. :sob: But I don’t know how one would continue a story deemed “completed.” Either way, I’ll probably either write some fanfiction at some point or search for it. :sweat_smile:


I’d love to be able to restart stories with the gem choices I paid for intact. And honestly if people love the story they’d probably even end up spending more on choices they skipped the first time.


I honestly don’t mind that his story ended. I loved it at the beginning… and then it just got annoying. And then he just kept leaving. So I’m okay with them riding off into the Alaskan sunset together. What more could they do with his story? You can only get dragged along for the ride for so long.

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Yeah…they definitely wrote themselves into a corner with his story. I hope the other stories last a bit longer.

Jonathan/Albert story could still continue since hes overseas and thats not his fault. The mission could take longer or he can get a new one…or maybe they could do a “dad and bros are lost at sea. I have to go help find them” story arch.

Theres more you can do with the others but Antoines was not going well.

At least we know Austin will get out of jail! But yeah. I really want them to slow down on the emotional stuff so the stories lasts longer.

I ended up reinstalling the app and seeing Blake was back! Yay! Wonder what drama is gonna happen there!

Definitely need to have the ability to replay as long as you get to keep the choices you paid for. It is a good way to try different convo options.