We really want to be able to name our dinos


I mean, look at some of these names I came up with. They’re terrible I assure you. XD

Suchumimus- Suck-on-a-mentos
Delophosaurus- Delilah (not that clever but let’s face it. Most dino names are ridiculous to pronounce anyway. XD)
Tanycolagreus- Tanny Colar-greens
More to come. Add any if you want! These are up for grabs for anyone that likes terrible puns. XD

Hi for the next up date

Tarbosaurus - Tarby O’Gill (everyone is little compared to it!)
Deinocheirus - Death Ostrich (because of course it is)
Wuehorsaurus - Bacon (inside joke)
Baryonyx - Barack Obama (“Barry-O,” plus if you give him those two turns, he will definitely CHANGE your defending dinosaur!)
Einiasuchus - Zerg (she just looks like a zerg hybrid to me)
Megalosaurus - Earl (if you need an explanation for this one, your childhood has my sympathies)
Euplocephalus - “Oh. You again.”
Postimetrodon - Lucky (this one really is lucky, and I’ve only ever seen it in the wild. I don’t even have a Postosuchus to level 10 yet)
Utahraptor - Golduck 2.0 (and what an upgrade!)

Probably more to come.


I love all of these. XD and I’ll admit I had to look up earl but I love it even more now that that flood of memories has come back. Haha excellent!


Because of that add, my Wuero…however it’s spelled…would be named Bacon. Looking at her now, she actually has the coloring.

Other than that, most of mine would be pretty standard.


My Stegosaur is named “the Stig”…

My V-raptor is named “Chopper, sic balls!”

My U-raptor is named “Feathers McGee”

My Einiesuchus is named “Torgo the Wonder Gerbil”

My Argentinosaur is named “Winston Churchill”

My Euplo is named “Thicky Slabchunk”


And last but not least, we come to the epic Monolophosaur - “Spazzo the Great”


I keep thinking it’s called a whorasaurus :sweat_smile:


“Chopper sic balls,” omg where is that from XD


The film “Stand by Me”.


If only the iguanadon was useful, cause I’d name it Alodon. Who remembers Disneys Dinosaur? :smiley:


Damn this was amazing


I’d probably start with pretty simple names since I’ve gotten used to their species names - Stygimoloch would be Stiggy, Einiasuchus would be Einia, Baryonyx would be Bary… But in time I’d probably start actually giving them names. For now I haven’t really bothered because I can’t name them anyways.

There’s three I’d change their names right away though - Wuerhosaurus would be Bacon (that’s just mandatory), Tyrannosaurus Rex would be Queen and Velociraptor would be Little Asshole. Basically, because Rexy is my beloved queen, and v-raptor is my little asshole who can wreck havoc to an entire team with her little sharp claws.


The accuracy in this is… astounding. Hah


Aladar the Iguanodon. That film wasn’t too scientifically accurate, as I don’t think Carnotaurs made their way as far north as the US. Carnotaurus was an Argentinian species, of the Abelisaur family. It was pretty neat to see them on screen, though.


Certainly far from accurate. I just loved the characters. And I knew there was a weird way I pronounced that name. It’s been years since I’ve seen it.



Speaking of bad dino movies, I just watched a real stink-burger of a movie. It came out in 1993, about a month or two ahead of the first Jurassic Park. It’s called “Carnosaur”, and it has some of the WORST dino effects I have ever seen in my life. Save your own sanity and do not watch it. For me, I fear it is too late. Insanity will soon be creeping in, and…



JHaha, just watched it today. My daughter is really into dinosaurs right now. Whoever could have influenced her in such a way? :blush:


New one.
Suchotator-suck-on-a-tator (tator is a terrible slang term for potatoes or tator-tots incase anyone not from America doesnt know, even though I’m sure most people around the globe dont need this explained. XD)


So I just added epic Rex to my collection this morning.

I shall name her “Roxxi”.

Eventually, she’ll make a great goalie.


My Allo, who I have named “Eat Flaming Death, the famously celebrated international superstar - the one and only heat-seeking, armor-piercing Demon Nope”.

She’s the current team captain, and no one disputes that claim - anymore. Her ego is literally as large as her appetite.

She’s eaten her way through too many trainers and various other coaching staff to count, and her original name - “Killer of rival Team Captains, All-High Deathbringer” just never projected well in focus groups.