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We should be able to see who's donated while the request is live


I like that we are now able to see who donated to us when collecting our request, but i would like to be able to see who has donated in live time, so that I can decide whether or not I should donate back etc.

This would be very useful so you can see who is helping you out right then and the chat would not be spammed with “[insert name here] I donated to you”, and you would actually be able to see who is telling the truth and who is just saying it so you donate back.

If you don’t quite get what i mean, what i mean is, you should be able to check ur request while its collecting, and it will tell you who donated how much. Also side note leaders should be able to see who’s donating to each request or requests as a whole

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Youre missing the point I think, they dont WANT you picking and choosing who to give to, that creates obvious favoritism within alliances. Do what we do in SDs, donate if you can, dont if you cant, be grateful and dont be hurt if you dont get what you asked for. If youre in a decent alliance youll get what people can spare without hurting there own efforts as it should be.


Its not favouritism… Its just giving back to people who have given to u, that way I am making sure I am giving to everyone who has helped me, and ofc I will still donate to everyone as long as I don’t need that dino/ingredient. But I just don’t want to be donating velociraptor to someone who doesn’t even give me Mono g2.