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We should get coins in alliance championship and raid bosses rewards

We should get coins because a lot of coins are required to level up dinos


I 2nd this all the way!

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The main incubator :
25.000 coins for mortem
15.000 for nemys
7500 for mammo
5000 for sino
For minion incubator i suggest 250 coins


Alliance championship
Tier 1- 5000
Tier 2- 10000
Tier 3- 15000
Tier 4- 20000
Tier 5- 30000
Tier 6- 40000
Tier 7- 50000
Tier 8- 60000
Tier 9- 80000
Tier 10- 100000


Considering they nerfed the incubator coins I don’t see them taking on this suggestion sadly.

I think it was only for the map and battle incubators are still fine.

Still, there was no need to nerf them. If they nerf coins from one thing it is unlikely they will buff it for something else.

ya, sadly. But its still a good idea.