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We should have aquatic creatures

We’ll get aquatics soon enough. Last year was pterosaurus. This year is cenozoics. I fully expect next year to be the Aquatics. :fish:


Can’t wait. Save your boosts for some new interesting creatures.

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I am pretty sure that people already will start to scream for a nerf. It would be like"really a move that cleanse, gives you +50% damage, increase your speed and has a dodge". :joy::joy::joy:

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My question how would that work when an opponent has land based creatures and you have aquatics per se? Would that mean the aquatic flounders on land while gasping its last breath before the battle begins? Just wondering

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Unless it was a fish, it shouldn’t be a problem. A good number of aquatics like mosasaur were marine reptiles and could breath air. They probably wouldn’t be able to move very well tho. Unless they did almost like a fantasy/ pokemon thing. No repercussions for either individual on both land and water. I wouldn’t like that as much tho.
It would probably have to be 2 separate arenas like JWTG. In that case then, it’s almost 2 separate games. I’m really interested on how Ludia would be able to implement aquatics without having to do a fantasy type situation with them on land.

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But of course Ludia wants JWA to be more “realistic.” Besides we all know Ludia will not create two arenas.

Would prefer Ludia to work on all the kinks and bugs that have existed for the longest time before going into a new area. That would just bring about a whole set of new bugs, plus recreate old bugs that had already been rectified. (case in point - viewing of sanctuaries that had been corrected in previous update but re-emerges in the current.

They can’t even put birds yet into the sanctuary. Would not trust them (for now) to implement aquatics.

Dive In would be useless otherwise😅. +50% damage is replacing dig in’s regeneration, and 75% dodge is replacing dig in’s 50% shield. I don’t know how it’s OP.

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I didn’t say it was op i just point out what some people will say seeing a move that can do all of this stuff.

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My guess is that it would be a visual change.

Two land animals (or pterosaurs) and it’s your Arena.
Two marine animals and the background changes to an aquatic landscape.
One marine and a land, the background changes to something like the edge of the mosasaur aquarium with the aquatic attacking out of the water (think the mosasaur attacking the Indominus at the end of Jurassic World).


That’s what I envisioned, with maybe an earthquake animation to give reason for water/land to appear where land/water once was. I know it sounds dumb, but it didn’t have to actually make any sense. As long as it’s not water beasts on land.


Earthquake Saichania!


this is from the * original little mermaid film * made more than 20 years ago, it was also used in another film that is even older and that film was * bedknobs & broomsticks * !! :scream: :scream: :scream:

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