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We should not be losing our tournament teams just because we put something in a sanctuary

Why should our tournament performance suffer just because we want to build a certain dinosaur up in the sanctuary? Can Ludia address the reasoning behind this because it makes absolutely no sense to me. Why can’t we use dinosaurs we place in a sanctuary for tournaments when those two features have absolutely no correlation. While I’m at it, this also affects friendly battles and raids


I agree. There is no benefit to gain and nothing to lose being able to use a dino that is in the sanctuary. It just hurts tournament teams.


this also applies to raids, last night when I took on the tree boss one of my alliance members couldn’t use some Dinos because they were in the sanctuary.


I edited my post to add that in thanks

i mean, if want to go that festival in town, but you’re on vacation thousands of miles away, you aren’t going to that festival. or if you’re participating in a TCG game, but you left some of your best cards at home. looks like you won’t be using them. You can’t do anything with a dino that actually isn’t in your possession at the given time.


I just feel like that is unnecessary realism


I agree with this post fellow citizen! Very nice thought! This would be a very nice change that they should consider.

You can’t use what you don’t have. Simple logic.

No really! :roll_eyes:

I thought I could put syrup on my waffles this morning! but turns out as I went to put syrup on them I realized the bottle was empty! Should have have gone to the store instead of putting nothing on my waffles! Yep you cant use what you don’t have yes. but you technically do have it cause you unlocked that dino so should be able to use it regardless of in sanct or not. I think that’s the simple logic.

I mean, they stated this when sanctuaries were implemented.


You own a DVD of a movie. You gave the DVD to me for some days. I have it now. Then you want to see that movie, but you can’t, because the DVD is my hand. You can’t see that until I give you back.
So no matter if you own something you can’t use it you don’t have when you need it.

Lol just copy what I said hidden users profile. Its a reasonable thing they should change. Nothing more than that.

Tournament is announced a month prior. You can also plan according to that.

Whatever your not seeing this guys point :roll_eyes: . Have a nice day.

That guys point is not at all reasonable. That’s my point. Have a nice day.

:yawning_face: :yawning_face: :yawning_face:

Agree to disagree. My goal with this post was to see if we could change something that would make our play experience easier.Good day

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i can agree to that. it’s not like it throws off any balancing that i can think of.

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