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We shouldnt have to wait 30 seconds for IA

Ludia,you have messed up the battle by choosing to screw up arena with your insane boosts and your idiotic matchmaking system.
Now if you want to play in arena,you have to prey to not face FOR A HOUR ONLY LVL 30
So,while the system just don’t work and to keep the fairness for everyone to get incubator ,daily rewards and daily incubator,Just add a feathur to fight directly IA.
I don’t want to fight kevin with his 1000$ wallet and lvl 30 tryko with 7500hp ,3K dmg and 150 speed for 1 hour in a ROW.(for those which will say ,not big deal use bleeder,ofc if the rest of the team wasnt lvl 30 utarinex,lvl 30 draco and lvl 30 erli…)
The game was way better before,HALF the topic say it!
So if you cant fix your mess ,at least let us play alone


I battled for 45 minutes (15ish battles) this morning and only got 2 incubators (one against an AI) as well as 2 daily battle incubators. I like battling human opponents, but sometimes I want to use my JWA time for something else like darting.

Of course, Saturday and Sunday are the worst for battling and my strategy wasn’t always perfect, but it would be nice to get incubators without grinding through OP thors and DCs.

Plus I like that the AI mixes up teams to gives us something else to fight for a change.


Just recently it hasn’t even been offering me that option. It’s just blank for as long as it takes to get me an opponent.

On that note, what IS going on with matchmaking? When they mini-updated, after losing two matches the third was always an AI. Now I’m just going through massive losing streaks again with no AI opponents at all.


If you had the AI option straight away the button may as well just give you incubators … I can’t remember the last time I didn’t beat the AI in game or in strike towers 3-1; mostly 3-0

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Does anyone remember when that timer was 200+ seconds? We should be thankful for a 30 second wait

is it the “training arena” we were suggesting last year?

well… sometimes after 30 sec the AI doesn’t work and i wait another 30 sec. and AI doesn’t work again.

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I quit going after incubators. I used to always have one going. With PVP so messed up now, however, I just get my daily and stop doing battles. Yesterday I had so many bad matchups all I got was a 15 minute incubator - LOL. :joy: