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We’ve entered the Draco2/Dracoceratops era


How it feels entering every arena battle now. Brace yourselves, friends.


If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.

I love dracoceratops.


Personally I am in L3, and L2 area around here is tooo faaar awayyyy
So I might only able to get there once per month at night…
Only for using epic scent to get some Ourano, not able to collect DraCo G2.

Not everyone could able to join Shattering Rat meta.
Especially our L2 alliance members not even want to donate any Draco G2 to us.:sob:


Draco2 is a daytime spawn


I see that you have one in your team now too! Though it’s not exactly up to your team level yet :slight_smile:


How to handle a dracocera…


I know…and because I have to work at daylight, that would be impossible for me to collect…


I was toying with it, but even then it just doesn’t feel right


I live in L2 and even i only see dracorex G2 once in a while. I usually see einiosaurus like 3 to 4 of them every half hour and i’m getting tired of her haha.


Your alliance sounds stingy… I donate half of the dg2 i dart… and get it back when i request it if i need some for a fuse.

On the op… dracocera is almost too strong not to run… unlike dg2 that only had a swap in if your dracocera can take the first hit and then hit acute stun…it can rampage again then swap out. But it is currently bugged as of an hour ago I noticed mine is still lockdown on the 3rd turn even though the lockdown anination is gone. So maybe a bug maybe a stealth nerf.


Around early Lockwood I rarely see DracoG2 anymore… Guess you must be facing all those users who got them to a level too high to bench now x)… For us mid level players it’s easier to replace it for Dracoceratops.

Best choice I’ve made in this game was stop leveling up DracoG2 at Lv15, precisely hoping the hybrid got better… And already had a TriceraG2 at 15 also, both with tons of DNA, so I could create Dracoceras and level it up to 20 in a couple of days.

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No room for rats on my team


The biggest rat in the game is called Indoraptor.


Neither on my…hate them…not gonna sell my soul to the devil


I also don’t like the design of Dracocera…
And I’ve never used Draco G2 in ver.1.5.

But they destroyed my dodge ostrich, so I think I have no other choice but find some substitute.:man_shrugging:


I find Evasive Stance users way worse and more boring than Draco family

But I have to say, what they did to the chicken was A CRIME!


I feel just a little wicked when I use Dracocera :laughing: She’s a nice surprise for the opponent.

That said, I benched her again, still a bit frail at level 20 (I’m ~ 5,000 trophies).


For some reason I really despised draco 2.0 strictly on the basis that he was a common w such a devastating move. But I use dracoceratops cuz I feel hes a little more justified lol.


I hate the rats, BUT it’s part of the meta now thanks to Ludia.

No surprise there.

I use both.

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There’s lots of big chompers or even tanks that 1 shot this guy anyway. I have been playing around with bringing tryo in for this guy and taking him out and also being set up for a DSR against whoever opponent brings in next.