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We want a Ceratosaurus

And it’s incomplete, so we want a Ceratosaurus.image image


Definitely. She’s a classic and one of the few franchise dinosaurs we still don’t have. :t_rex:


Nice pictures, and I would love to have ceratosaurus

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Yeah I really like Ceratosaurus, plus a lot of people are saying it could be released like acrocanthosaurus was.

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I’ll make Ceratosaurus common

I just hope it has the classic JPlll skin


What? You can make creatures?

I have a feeling that he will make an appearance soon for jurassic world camp cretaceous season 2. He will probably be added as a event creature like acrocanthosaurus


They can add the jp3 ceratosaurus and the camp cretaceous ceratosaurus as a gen 2

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That would be cool!

Yes. Remember my creature file?

thanks for using my pictures

Just in case anyone was wondering how I made them:

First I carved out the T rex Pic and Raptor Pic to get the background rarities.

Cerato 2
Secondly I got pictures of what the closest JWA Ceratosaurus would look like, the JWTG Ceratosaurus. I carved out parts of their bodies.
Cerato background 2
Cerato background
Then I got 2 different images of parks because I thought they would be cool backgrounds. First I blurred out the park background images, because if you notice with JWA icons, the dinosaur is made to stand out more in the icon. Then I placed the Cerato’s in certain spot on the picture and put the rarities around them. I then used the burn tool to make some of the Cerato’s look darker, especially the brown one. So if I can do this, hopefully Ludia can too, along with make a model for it haha. Btw in Camp Cretaceous trailer and I think JWE, Ceratosaurus makes Carnotaurus noises, so I’d expect it to have Carnotaurus model, it would be cool if the brown one got the T Rex model because it was the big Ceratosaurus. :smiley:


Wow, well done :+1:


Ceratosaurus might get a release when camp cretaceous season 2 comes out fingers crossed

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I want the Ceratosaur to be an epic because it’s my favorite dinosaur but everybody is trying to make it a common!

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It’s their choice really. Fan favorite don’t always gets the attention