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We want you as a new recruit! 5-4 Alliance

Hi everyone!

We have 2 spots we’re looking to fill at YouBetJurassican and we’re hoping to find some solid active teammates to join us.

We are a 5-4 Alliance and have at least 1 shared level 20 sanctuary (currently 2!). Other than our shared sanctuary strategy, we don’t have any hard fast rules and are fairly easygoing.

Ideally, we’d prefer levels 10 or higher, but we’ll make exceptions for extremely motivated players. I’ll also give preference to those willing to join our Discord to help us communicate more effectively. Please check us out! :blush:

Awesome! Can you please tell me your in game name? And can we work on getting you onto our Discord server? Please look me up on Discord: Moeneek02#1601 :blush: