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We want you as a new recruit! Join YouBetJurassican today 😁

Hi everyone!

We have 2 spots we’re looking to fill at YouBetJurassican and we’re hoping to find some solid active teammates to join us.

We are a 5-4 Alliance and have a shared sanctuary that has reached level 20 four times in the past. Other than our shared sanctuary strategy, we don’t have any hard fast rules and are fairly easygoing.

Ideally, we’d prefer levels 12 or higher, but we’ll make exceptions for extremely motivated players. I’ll also give preference to those willing to join our Discord to help us communicate more effectively. Please check us out! :blush:

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I’m looking for a new Alliance. Level 20, my name is Kjax in the game too. I play a couple hours every day. What do you think?


I am still in an alliance, but give the word and I’ll leave and accept and invite. Will join the discord too, no problems there.

Hi Kjax! I just sent you a link to our Discord. Come and check us out :blush: I can accept your in game request as well, whenever you are ready. We’d love to have you on board.

Kjax- Our current level 20 Sanctuary is going to expire in 8 hours- hopefully we can get you into the group in time to enjoy some of its rewards!

Request sent!

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