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We want you as a new recruit! 🤗

Hey all!

YouBetJurassican is currently on the hunt for 2 new teammates!

We are a Discord based, fun and easygoing alliance that usually reaches 10/10 on missions and Tier 8 (Tier 9 during 5 week cycles!!) in the alliance championships. We also have access to 3 level 20 sanctuaries (sometimes 4 when there’s an FIP sale!).

We are looking for players who are active, respect the shared sanctuaries and can do at least 10 takedowns in each tourney. We’re also an International alliance, and hoping to add more non-American overseas players to the clan.

Let us know if you think we could be a good fit for ya!


So basically if you’d like to have more fun than the overly sensitive flagging mods on here, sign up for our alliance. Obviously a sense of maturity (and when to ignore it) and a little humor are required.

We are disguised as responsible adults in our daily lives, but a little OCD about fake dinosaurs.

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You know we are definitely fun when Ludia flags our posts!! :rofl:
Join us and trust me, you won’t be disappointed! I mean… look how creative the alliance name is!?! Our alliance leader and everyone in the alliance are friendly and generous. Come join the fun!!


Hola soy bastante activo y actualmente estoy como líder de una alianza pequeña por nivel de jugadores, pero siempre estamos con 50 jugadores. Estoy buscando la forma de unirme a un canal de discord, para poder intercambiar experiencias. No descarto la posibilidad de cambiar de alianza. Hay algún canal de discord compartido?

Translated from Spanish

Hi, I’m quite active and I’m currently the leader of a small alliance by player level, but we are always with 50 players. I’m looking for a way to join a discord channel, to be able to exchange experiences. I do not rule out the possibility of changing the alliance. Is there a shared discord channel?

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.


GamePress has a great Discord that everyone can join, I believe. It’s called JWA Discord.

Discord is a free app you use on your phone or laptop. We made a private Discord for our alliance. But it helps a lot with communication, organizing raids and sharing cash links etc. Having an outside form of communication is definitely a must for top alliances.

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Heyy can i join?

Hey you still looking for people?

I’m so sorry guys, our spots filled up. But please message me- one of our sister alliances in our sanctuary co-op is looking for competitive members and I’d love to hook you up if you meet their qualifications :hugs:

Bumping, as we had 1 spot open up today due to player inactivity :confused:

Hopefully, their loss is your gain! Message me if you’re interested in joining us :grin:

BUMPing this post! We just had one unexpected spot open up :grin: Please reply here if you’re interested in joining us!


Do you still have some spots open? I’m 20lvl player, 5k+ trophies, very very active on daily basis (incubators, darts, supply drops, tournaments, raids), who left one slowly dying alliance to be part of another more competitive one. Wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to your reply.

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Yes! I’m sending you a PM :grinning:

After this tourney cycle ends on Monday we will have another spot open, as we have a member stepping down from the game for a bit :confused:

Would love to find a decent recruit to fill his shoes! Could that be you??? :eyes:

We had a few stragglers sitting at 0 trophies who we sadly had to boot… making room for 1-3 new victims, I mean recruits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hit us up if you’re interested in joining!

Are you looking to make the best of JWA??? Then you should join us! We are a fun bunch! And everyone is extremely generous. Oh, and wanna get through raids?? Most of the alliance has OP dinos that can help you through easily!!


I can vouch for the team’s awesomeness. I moved over a year or so ago, and have been impressed by moeneek’s organization ever since. Definitely one of the good ones on here.

Lots of fun in our discord channel, pretty low level of activity required, and there’s tons of people who want to get you through the Apex raids, even if you just barely meet the minimum.

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hi all
i d like join
i have 4300 trophies and level 16
with discord and very active

Hi! Our alliance is currently full right now, but please look me up on Discord :hugs: We are always willing to help with raids and maybe get you primed for when we do have a spot open.

Moeneek02#1601 on Discord

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