We will catch up with the very best because


Since our dinosaurs max out at level 30, we will eventually catch up with the best. Once there, the best will always have a team of max level dinos, but we will certainly have a much better chance with our let’s say level 25-30 team. Tournaments will become a lot more reachable and top prizes will not go to the same players every season. Thoughts?

Edit,: It would be interesting to see a screenshot of a level 30 dino to see what the game tells us on the level up stage.



We will never catch up because the highest ranked players will always have more and better maxed out dinos… and I’m sure new, more powerful superhybrids.


This is why I just tell myself I do it for the collection :joy: Saving them all is already a really good thing


Yes, didn’t think about the superhybrids. That’s going to take even longer! But eventually? Will take lots of dedication, but eventually… :thinking::grin:


We can hope :wink:


You might be able to get where they are now… but by then they will have a few dozen more dinos… not to mention the dinos in this game dont gain amytging but pure stats per level so its not like they cant just increase the level cap…

Also consider this last months tournament winner… and current #1 when i wrote this. Does not have a maxed out team… he only has 2 maxed dinos.


Cause the game is new and it’s a long road, in a month or 2 you are going to see someone with a maxed out team


I don’t think we should discount the possibility of game raising the lv cap


I’ll be sure to celebrate getting my team to level 30 in 2028


max probably won’t stay at 30. jurassic world the game is 40. pretty sure they’ll raise it at some point in the future. means more money for them.