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We will get a premium incubator on sunday?

Hihi all. I was wondering if we will get a premium incubator on sunday. The calendar showing that, but we had some false information on it this week. Maybe dev’s could confirm or not here.


I second this question, we haven’t received a surprise weekly incubator for a few weeks now.


We are not getting them anymore thay did say that 2 weeks ago


No, this isn’t one of those weekly incubators, this is in the events, so yes, we’re getting it

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Of course not. You really think Ludia is that generous?

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Nooo he meant as in sunday for the strikes


People need read threads properly before responding.

Considering that Ludia posted a calendar showing:

a) Pachy and no Legendary
b) Bary and a Legendary

Then proceeded to put Pachy on the map and quickly replace it with Bary, i’d say it’s a 50/50 that we get a premium strike, and if we do be prepared to travel 100 miles to find it.


Darn GPx,it seem you finaly understand how they work at ludia.
You are now prepare to work for them!
I would even put another line
-There will be no premium incubator but because people saw it on weekly schedule ,there will be tons of complain ,so ludia will grant us a generous rewards of 50 to 100 hard cash to compensate it.

No, that’s 100% unlikely

Ahh, some people might then it’ll be “fixed” :yum:

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sorry If I wasn’t clear, I meant a surprise event, not the freebie they stopped giving us out a couple of weeks back.

I wanted an extra lvl 30 incubator (as a surprise) to fight and win so I can complete our Exploration Rank 10 faster. in the event calendars, It seems it will be an expert like, so it is gonna be maybe 1 dino vs 3

Was talking to tambor

Well it shows a premium Inc on the event calendar unless it’s wrong as it normally is

No, why do that when you can just sell one in the shop for $70?

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