Weak creatures

So yea um I need some help with which creature to take out or if I’m doing something wrong. Every one has level 20s and 24s.

Your team is too fierce based, which isn’t rely good in the meta rn

I would suggest dropping Rex for MegaTops and another fierce for Compy G1


You could just drop T-Rex for Scorpios Rex Gen 2 and you’d be fine.

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I had bad experiences with Scorp Gen 2
I’d recommend Megalotops and compy Gen 1 over it
Dart loads of bumpy in the weekly event and go for the ankylomoloch
It is a great resilient


Sr2 is a poor man Sr3. it goes to it, and kylomoloch i amazing.

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Yeah but scorp gen two is pretty easy to counter
Megalotops is way better


why not have both? LOL

Besides, SR2 you are always leveling it up for SR3

Yea but the compys are just better