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Weakest ally recovers x%


In my team I have a dragon with the ability “Weakest ally recovers x% health”. If I’m using it when I have already a destroyed dragon in my team, then it’s not healing anyone.
I guess it tries to heal the already gone dragon.
Also I saw the same on the enemy side when one dragon left and use this ability he didn’t heal himself.
I think this should not work like that.
Someone else also has this problem?

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Hey Sandor_Farkas, our team is aware of an issue with Gentle Gronckle’s special ability, and they’re actively working on a fix for it. However, if it is another dragon that is affected, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key and the name of the dragon so our team can investigate further? Thanks!

Thanks for the response. I sent the email.

Anveil has the same problem. I am willing to bet all dragons with that particular mechanic have that problem. We shouldnt have to call out every instance when it is the mechanic that is broken… do your jobs and find it yourself!

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Scarbearer as well so yep looks like all with that ability

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