Weapon effect % not procing enough

the warlock blade sharp curve for me is at lvl 9 and has a 75% chance to inflict dmg for 3 turns but when using it I may get a proc once every 20 hits

That 75% does not mean it will proc 75% of the time. Each roll has a unique 75% chance. RNGesus just doesn’t like you lately.

While that is technically true, if it only activates 1 in 20 that is a good indication that the RNG or other coding is faulty. 75% should activate about 15 in 20. To only activate once is so improbable that it is reasonable to suspect error.

Each roll having a 75% chance is exactly what 75% of the time means.

Sorry but no it does not. Each roll has a unique proc chance. If you get unlucky you could roll 20 times in a row without a proc.

But over a long period of time it should average 75%

I’ve noticed this too, I’m lucky to get one in ten. And it should be way higher than that. I have a quest for red dice attacks and this weapon is not producing.

Edit: Raika’s epic weapon btw, should be 75%

I find most of them good for pve most of the time.

The issues with pvp though are awful

I realize RNjesus has a role to play. I know the guy and when you get to know him he ain’t that bad but he ain’t this much of a jerk. I’ve played steady with this blade to do some testing and the past 2 days I have used exclusively this weapon and done over a dozen dungeons at least 8 pvp battles and explored a load of times. I have counted my procs-5 theres an error no if and or buts about it

I found something very interesting. In PvP if you’ve got one guy alive, and he has an item that procs at just 25% it’ll keep activating…